Easy Steps to delete Click Me Game permanently

By the name “Click Me Game”, any innocent user will consider this as a free Online gaming service but don’t get manipulated as it is a very serious ransomware. If you agree to take its services or click on its notification then it will immediately open a fake “Click Me” game where the task is to catch a moving button. While paying the game, you would notice that your personal files are getting encrypted and you are unable to access them. When user clicks on the “Enter” to catch the button, the game’s background image gets changed. Ultimately, image will get fixed to a ransom-demanding-message in Arabic.

Technical Details of Click Me Game

Once Click Me Game attacks the targeted personal files, it changes its extension to “.hacked”. It uses AES Cryptography, in order to encrypt the targets file with the combination of a symmetric and asymmetric algorithm. This malware is still under its initial stage of development but still its beta version has been noticed on Internet in past few days. Like any other ransomware, it will asks user to pay ransom amount in order to decrypt the locked files. However, there is always a strong recommendation that not to pay any kind of ransom amount because this will help cyber-criminals to achieve their evil desire. Use shadow copies or backup files in order to access the locked files. Scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware removal tool that has strong and powerful scanning algorithm and programming logics to get rid of such threats. Follow the steps mentioned below to delete Click Me Game permanently.

Harmful Features of Click Me Game

  • It is a ranomware that locks the person files
  • Asks ransom money in exchange of providing the decryption key
  • Expose the security vulnerabilities and opens backdoor for other malware
  • Alters and ruins the other important internal settings
  • Has a very negative impact on the overall System performance

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