How to decrypt GoldenEye Ransomware

GoldenEye Ransomware is determined as an infectious malware that secretly gets installed on your computer through illegal tricks and tactics. It is a mixture of destructive ransomware known with name Petya and MISCHA. Earlier, it has caused lots of annoying troubles on thousands of Windows PC in several countries. This nasty threat makes it place on targeted computer mainly though spam email attachments that carry fake job offers. It contains to email attachments and holds German language of text. When you click on any of emails and try to open, it automatically enables macro commands that install malign codes to targeted computer. GoldenEye Ransomware is capable of automatically regenerating itself every time when you restart your computer. It is capable of encrypting all stored files with extension such as .png, .gif, .docx, .xls, .bmp, .ppt, .pst, .pdf, .ost, .mp3, .mp4, .flv and many more.

Along with these, it has capability to overwrite MBR (Master Boot Record) of targeted computer and gives permission to access for administrative actions. Whenever you try to open any of encrypted data, GoldenEye Ransomware shows ransom note on computer screen and ask for decryption key to unlock all your vital data. It also demands to pay for $500 or more as a fine within next 96 hours. If you deny paying money on time, it claims to delete all your stored items on hard drive. This nasty threat also shows lots of warning messages and alerts on computer screen that interrupts your online session and restricts to perform several tasks both online and offline. GoldenEye Ransomware also create a malicious text file with name “YOUR_FILES_ARE_ENCRYPTED.txt” on desktop. It also has ability to lock screen of desktop and restricts you perform several tasks both online and offline. It also spy on all your browsing movement and gather sensitive information such as banking login details, password of social sites, IP addresses, credit card number, online banking login details and many others.

If this nasty threat manages to stay on your computer for long time, it leads situation to other bigger troubles like crashes or freezes of computer, deletion of important system files, hamper of vital hardware components and many more. To get rid out of all such troubles, it is necessary to take immediate action to remove GoldenEye Ransomware permanently.

Nasty Activities caused by GoldenEye Ransomware virus

  • It makes overall performance of PC abnormal and unresponsive
  • It has ability to stop active process and running applications
  • It add corrupt entries to registry editor and damages system files
  • It installs several unwanted toolbars, plug-ins, add-ons and malicious extension
  • It makes modification to HOST files, changes DNS configuration and many more

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