Overview is detected as one of the unsafe homepage hijacker or redirect virus that assails inside computer through spamming links, advertisements, bundled objects, freewares, sharewares, and many more. Whenever you open the affected browsers, you will see as the homepage or search engine defaults that will disallow your access to desired websites or search engines like,,, and many more. This fake search engine is totally capable of destroying the user’s browsing experience as often brings unrequired websites in its SERP that contains vicious links or advertisements in abundance to get clicked regularly by the victimized users. This lets the hackers to make money based on several commercial options like PPC, affiliate marketing strategies, and many more. Apart from these, it may even affect the offline usage of the PC by slowing down the performance as it eats up unwanted system resources like CPU usage, RAM usage, Physical Memory usage, and even a lot more. It’s not the end, but this program even creates some intrusive backdoor to allow more other malwares residing inside computers.

How manage to reside over computers? or its source codes are developed by cyber criminals in such a way that a hacker may do any kind of access or alterations through its implemented codes. So a victim might be aware of the possible ways through which this infection may assail inside and do the harms. Some of the common sources from where a malware like may intrude over a computer includes:

  • Bundled objects like freeware or sharewares.
  • Junk/spam email attachments.
  • Frequent file or media downloads from malicious online sources.
  • Clicking unsafe links or pop up advertisements.
  • Utilizing fake vouchers over targeted commercial websites.
  • Visiting private blogs.
  • Browsing peer to peer based networks.
  • Clicking nasty ads over contaminated webpages.

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