Uninstall Lavandos@dr.com File virus with Simple Steps

Lavandos@dr.com File virus is yet another addition in deadly ransomware category that locks the personal files of victims after successfully managing the secret entry. Its aims are to compel user for buying the decryption key for accessing the locked files and hence it make money for its creator. It drops a ramsom note in the locked files folder that claims to provide all the information about the decryption and looks like a decrypting helper. However, it ultimate aim is to convince you for buy decode password which is almost useless in reality. There have been many cases where the associated cyber-criminals of Lavandos@dr.com File virus didn’t provide the decryption key even after the money was paid. After getting the money, they started ignoring the victim and broke all kind of communication link.

Lavandos@dr.com File virus is capable to encrypt all kind of personal files including multimedia files, MS Office doc files, music, videos, PPT, and so on. In some cases, it even locks .exe and .dll files and make it non-executable thus many of the important applications becomes non-functional. The ransom amount that it asks varies time to time but you should never pay the asked money. It will be wastage of money and time.

Apart from locking the PC, Lavandos@dr.com File virus also brings a lot of additional malware troubles. Several malicious JavaScript files gets added which leads to browser redirection. Further, automatic suspicious commands start getting executing automatically which means that a third party cyber hackers starts controlling the targeted System from a remote location. The solution to all these issue is to restore the System to its previous state. Never try to contact the cyber criminals or offer them any sort of ransom amount as will definitely going to lose your hard earned money. If you pay ransom, it directly means that your money is going in the hand of cyber offenders. Instead of getting panic, use the automatic Lavandos@dr.com File virus removal tool with the help of user-guide mentioned along with it.

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