Simple Process to Delete Lomix Permanently

Lomix is yet another deadly ransomware that target the personal files of victims and makes it totally inaccessible. It developers tries to sell the decryption key by asking ransom money from victims. Remember that the people behind asking the ransom money are the real offenders rather than the helper. They will manipulate the victims to pay the money and once the ransom is received, they will totally ignore the victims. The offered decryption key is either duplicated or the file containing the decryption key is empty. So at the end, you will feel as if you are cheated.

Technical Details of Lomix

Lomix is a data-encryption Trojan infection that attacks the PC secretly. It does a deep scanning of System hard-disk in search of the personal files such as multimedia files, MS Office docs. It contains a list of files extensions and looks for the file that matches with it. The uses of symmetric and asymmetric encryption algorithm make it very difficult to access the locked files without decryption key. However, it is never recommended to pay the ransom money as mentioned above. Ultimately, you will get cheated and lose your hard-earned money.

How to Eliminate Lomix

Before uninstalling this ransomware, it is important to decrypt the locked files. Since paying the ransom money is not safe hence it is recommended to adopt alternate sources such as using “Backup Files” or “Cache Copy”. On the other hand, scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool so that all the suspicious files codes of Lomix is removed so that it could not attack or hurt any other files or apps.

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