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Are you regularly being irritated by pop ups associated with which asks to update the flash player, Java files or participate in certain Online surveys? Are you being irritated by regular webpage redirections and pop ups of commercial ads. Does the overall browsing experience is getting disturbed. If yes then this technical blog will be very helpful for you.

About is a very perilous webpage redirect virus that reroute the webpage over highly unsafe domains and tricks the innocent victims to download useless applications such as fake Online media streaming player, browser updates etc. Actually, such offering contains suspicious key-loggers and plug-ins with it that spy on users activities and tries to cheat sensitive information such as Online transaction details, password, IP address, and so on. It can alter the important registries and System files and thus many important programs stars malfunctioning. normally attacks through email attachments, peer-to-peer file sharing, fake links for software updates and so on. After successfully settling down, it will alter the browser settings including the default homepage, new-tab URL as well as search-engine provider. There will be an immediate increase in the number of ads and commercials. They are displayed in the form of pop-ups ads, coupons, and price comparisons and so on. The entire screen will get covered with useless notification and unfortunately it doesn’t contain close icon so you cannot ignore it. You need to close the browser and begin you Online activities all over again.

Severe Issues Caused by 

  • Hijacks the browser and disturbs the overall browsing experience
  • Downloads plug-ins and key-loggers that cheat sensitive information
  • Consumes high resources and RAM And thus PC starts to crash
  • Adds suspicious extension that shows customized commercial ads
  • Exploits the security loopholes and opens backdoor for other malware
  • Tries to steal sensitive information including bank account details, password etc.

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