How to uninstall

If your Windows PC got infected with and you are searching for its effective removal process then you are at right place. With given step by step solution, you will be able to eliminate all infectious items easily and without any hassle. You just required following given instruction by reading this post carefully. is a hazardous browser hijacker infection that secretly gets active over your computer and performs lots of illegal activities. It also has ability to target all installed browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari and others. As it manages to successfully get activated, it disables firewall settings, blocks security application and makes gateway for its supportive files and process to easily get installed over PC. Due to presence of this creepy malware, you will unable to perform any task both online and offline. constantly show false warning messages and alerts that interrupts your online session and restricts to perform several tasks both online and offline. It is also capable of making modification to default search page and homepage without your any permission or knowledge.

Along with these, it has ability to add lots of unwanted add-ons, plug-ins and malicious extension that take huge hard disk space and drag down overall PC running. also has ability to add corrupt entries to registry editor and damages system files that plays an important role in smooth and proper PC functioning. This nasty virus also forcibly redirects you to strange or suspicious domains that ask you to take part in some online surveys, quiz contest and play games online. Actually, it is a trap to fool innocent users and make money from them using unethical tricks and tactics. It also comes featured with ability to monitor all your browsing movement and collect sensitive information such as login details of bank account, IP addresses, credit card number, password of social sites and others.

To get rid out of all such issues, it is necessary for you to take quick steps to remove virus. If this malware sustain on your computer for long time, it leads situation to issues like deletion of important system files, crashes or freezes of computer and many more.

Several issues caused by virus

  • Your favorite search engine such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other gets replaced
  • You are not able to add new hardware or software components
  • It not allows making use of any external devices like USB, pen drives, hard disk, printers, etc
  • It downpour overall functioning of computer and restrict to perform any tasks

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