Uninstall PUP.Optional.DriverUpdate.A with Easy Steps

PUP.Optional.DriverUpdate.A is an unsafe and potentially unwanted program that can badly mess up the performance of Windows based PC. Like the name suggest, you will notice notification for updating programs and its associated drivers  however such messages are spam in reality. Clicking on any of such message will redirect the webpage to unsafe dodgy domain and will download harmful malware codes and plug-ins the background. Researches show that PUP.Optional.DriverUpdate.A has been created by cyber-offenders and their aims are to promote useless services and programs for gaining commission and financial benefits. It is capable to alter the important settings related to browser, System files, and registries and thus the overall PC performance gets messed up. The browsing experience will too get diminished due to regular commercial bombarding in the form of deals, coupons, banners, pop ups and so on.

Any ads or offers which are triggered by PUP.Optional.DriverUpdate.A only have one aim that is to compel the victims to invest their money on useless services and products. It will also try to maneuver for downloading plug-ins and add-ons that constantly spy user’s activities and may leads to severe data theft. The browser session is minutely scrutinized in order to get information about users Online browsing activities and patterns and then customized advertisements are bombarded based on the collected information. Later, this sensitive information is used unethically for evil activities.

Intrusion Method of PUP.Optional.DriverUpdate.A

This malware uses social engineering tricks and bundling technique to aggressively attack the marked PC. With the help of deceptive technique, it attaches its codes with email attachments, suspicious hyperlinks, program updates and so on. The installers don’t reveal that it is containing any kind of attachments with it. However, If you choose Advance/Custom installation process then such unwanted additional attachments could get detected.

Harmful Traits of PUP.Optional.DriverUpdate.A

  • Attacks silently and gets installed in deep location
  • Alters the browser settings and adds questionable plug-ins and add-ons
  • Constantly generates non-stop commercial ads
  • Steals sensate information and transfer it to predefined cyber-criminals
  • Downloads arbitrary files that consume high RAM and slows down System performance

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