Want To Remove Search.memethat.co

Search.memethat.co is technically identified as a phishing website that promotes a technical support scam associated with scamming advertisements, links, and various third party programs. When a user accidentally click over such pesky element of this site, they either come to see unwanted advertisements or some scary messages showing the system is infected and the user might need to take help of experts to resolve such issues. Such banners even prescribe a link or a toll free number to call tech support scam who charge money to fix the issues. But this is just a way for online hackers to make money illegally by installing malwares on their computer and then threatening the victims to take the help. So, Search.memethat.co is merely a hard cake to swallow and once it targets your machine, it leaves no options rather than repenting over your personal actions.

More Details:

As per the researchers, this website is completely fake and developed by cyber criminals to target more and more users throughout the day. Apart from this technique, they even use to hijack the visitor’s browsers and install some third party extensions or addons in hidden form to generate frequent advertisements throughout the online sessions. A user might face such adverts in terms of pop up Windows, commercial banners, coupons, products at discounted price, and so on. This may probably slow down the PC performance, affects the accuracy of the system, disrupts data consistency, and many more. At all, this malware is totally a big mess which has hardly a solution rather than to consult a PC doctor who can resolve this issue.

Safety Recommendations to Avoid Search.memethat.co

In order to protect a computer completely from these intrusive or disastrous malwares in real time, it’s highly suggested to maintain some security measures on computer which may disallow an intrusive program to reside inside, and block all its processes if tries to run in background. Some of the recommended safety measures includes:

  • Avoiding non recommended online activities while surfing over the web.
  • Try not to download free programs or pirated software which are shared over the internet abundantly through malicious sources.
  • Downloading free movies, video songs, etc from torrent based network should strictly prohibited.
  • Never take free services or products from pop up ads or scam appearing commercial banners.
  • Install all recommended security ends on computer including antivirus, antimalware solution and off-course a powerful firewall end.
  • Update the security ends instantly once its updates are released by its official website.
  • Scan the computer deeply after a regular interval to free up your PC from present potential threats.


Thus, Search.memethat.co is technically a complete robust malware infection which may turn your any day into nightmare and should be controlled in real time once identified. In order to assist millions of victims throughout the globe, here provided guidelines or techniques are completely safe and effective that not only remove Search.memethat.co from a compromised Windows, but also assures the PC safety in future traits.

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