How to Delete with Easy Steps is a bogus search-engine provider that misleads the innocent users with its irrelevant search-queries result and promotion of sponsored websites. It has all the attributes of webpage redirect virus such as webpage redirection, unwanted modifications in the browser files and settings, installation of harmful plug-ins, using key-loggers for data spying, connecting the work-station with the server of cyber-criminals and so on.

By appearance, looks like a proper search-engine provider with a genuine search-box and shortcut icons of popular websites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Yahoo and so on. It even contains messages boxes asking you to claim for attractive gifts by clicking on the notification window. Everything looks normal but this entire attractive interface is just a part of scam. These attractive icons and notification contains harmful links hidden underneath it which gets redirected over unsafe domains. You will never get correct result for even a single query asked on it. In the meanwhile, it starts promoting pay-per-click ads and hyperlinks and gets commission and funds from the related third parties. The entire basic settings of the browser is altered and ruined. You will feel as if you have lost full control from the browser.

No matter which webpage or URL you visit, there will be a similar pattern in the displayed commercial ads. It tries to manipulate with bogus offerings such as deals, coupons, price comparison, and so on. The overall PC security is exploited and its loopholes are exposed so that other malware infection could easily attack your work-station.

Some of the Harmful Properties of

  • Hijacks the browser and allows third party to access the work-station
  • Shows scam alerts and pop ups in order to panic the user unnecessarily
  • Disable the firewall settings and security
  • Constantly generates commercial pop ups and redirect the webpage over unsafe domains
  • Uses spyware and key-loggers to cheat confidential information of users is totally an unsafe domain that you must not use. If you keep getting redirected over it then then scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool so that all its related items gets removed automatically.

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