Easy Steps to delete suppteam01@india.com

suppteam01@india.com is a cryptolocker ransomware. It secretly attacks the targeted System and completely locks the personal files and folders of its user. It uses asymmetric cryptography in which it doesn’t have change the file name or extension name in order to encrypt it. It will directly lock the targeted files and makes it inaccessible. Followed by the successful encryption, it opens ad text file named as “Your file has been locked!!!.text” which contains description about the ransomware. This file is placed on the desktop wallpaper so that victim could see it as soon as the PC is booted. This file contains ransom demands and has a bogus logo of some government authorities.

Technical Details of suppteam01@india.com

suppteam01@india.com encrypts the personal files using RSA -2048 cryptography. Till now, cyber experts have not been able to create its decryption key because it is very difficult to crack asymmetric cryptography. The method of public file encryption and private decryption file is a very effective method for file encryption. The related unique decryption key is stored in the remote server which is owned by cyber-criminals. If user has to access they personal files, they have to pay 1.5 bitcoin which is about $800. The cyber-criminals ask to pay the ransom without 120 hours otherwise the amount ransom increases. It threats the user that if ransom is not paid then the file will get corrupted and it will encrypt other files and even the Operating System will be encrypted.

The important note is that paying the ransom to suppteam01@india.com doesn’t guarantees that the encrypted files will become accessible again. They may offer duplicate key or empty file even after the ransom money is paid. There is no guarantee with the cyber-criminals and you cannot trust them ever. There have been so many spam cases in the past where user has been cheated multiple times.

How to decrypt suppteam01@india.com and access the encrypted files

As far as the access of encrypted files is concerned, it is recommended to use the alternative method. Try to access the shadow copy of locked files or try the backup. If that is not possible then look free data recover software which could recover your lost files. In order to uninstall suppteam01@india.com permanently, you need to scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware that has powerful scanning algorithm and programming logic to deeply scan the PC and remove all the related items of suppteam01@india.com.

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