How to uninstall UPGRADE_NOTIFY.EXE from Computer

UPGRADE_NOTIFY.EXE, it is Trojan malware which is quite devious and tricky. As victims of this vermin already know, this vermin mainly targets you USB devices and seemingly removed their contained files. To be more clear, this vermin will hide those contained files and make those files inaccessible. Once you will connects a USB devices to the infected Computer and try to access its allocated contents, you will see single shortcut files instead of  files and the shortcut name as same as your USB drive. This vermin will let all the drives to hidden folder which you cannot access them unless you remove UPGRADE_NOTIFY.EXE from PC. In this malicious phenomenon, you data of files were not get removed or harmed from PC. As soon you will deal with this vermin. You files were goes back to normal conditions.

Having UPGRADE_NOTIFY.EXE installed, you should to be open this vermin’s created shortcuts locate inside USB drives. Clicking on those shortcuts will not lead you to your files. Instead of, opening of short file will result into the virus spread across whole PC and also infects other allocated files. If you already clicked on the shortcut files, in those conditions you need to scan your Computer with powerful anti-malware program. Hence it is recommended to install and run expert’s effective Automatic Removal Tool inside PC in order to remove UPGRADE_NOTIFY.EXE from Computer.

Installation of UPGRADE_NOTIFY.EXE and prevention tips:

This Trojan virus mainly comes inside the marked Computer by taking advantage from deceptive online software marketing method. Most of Computer User rather likes to choose recommended Installation process of freeware thinking that the recommended process is already inbuilt with essential files which installation will enhance computing but it is not. Most the freeware program consist some additional files probably malware too. So, when you will click on the recommended option rather than Custom Installation process, freeware programs will get installed inside the PC along with additional files. By doing so, the computer will be high risk to end up with malware infection.

However, you can avoid this phenomenon from happening. You only need to pay attention of the freeware’s terms and conditions before installation. Besides that, it is also suggested to use Custom or Advanced installation process and uncheck additional files which comes bundled with those freeware. By doing so, your Computer will install on those files which were essential and probably your Computer will immune from other malwares.

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