Delete Win32: Patched ANW [Trj] with Simple Process

Win32: Patched ANW [Trj] is a perilous Trojan infection that secretly gets intruded in the marked PC and alters the important settings including the registries and System files. It attacks is so secret that victim will not be able to recognize for a long time though there will be a sudden decrease in the overall PC performance. The PC starts performing slowly and its leads to issues such as BSOD, bogus error messages, security alerts and so on. No matter you use “performance optimization tool”, “Speed up Utility” and so on, there will be no improvement in the System functionality. Win32: Patched ANW [Trj] leads to start-up issues, several application malfunctioning, issues with browser performance and so on.

The intrusion of Win32: Patched ANW [Trj] is very secret. However, some of the common ways that it chooses to attack is peer-to-peer file sharing network, spam emails, fake software updates, visiting malicious and porn websites and so on. Its malicious code could be stored in a .txt, .doc, or .html files. The codes are written in encrypted language so it looks as if it broken and you can’t read it. Novice user generally forgets these files without realizing that it is a severe Trojan infection.

Some of the Harmful Properties of Win32: Patched ANW [Trj] are:

  • Slows down the overall System performance as most of the CPU resources and RAM gets consumed by nasty arbitrary files
  • Shows fake alerts and error messages as soon as the System gets connected with Internet
  • Corrupts and deletes the important registries and System files
  • Disables the access of important programs and files
  • Exploits the security vulnerabilities and opens backdoor for other malware
  • Uses key-loggers and key-strokes that follows the users activities and steals sensitive information

Precaution Method to Avoid Win32: Patched ANW [Trj] 

It is always better to take some precaution method so that such malware doesn’t attack your work-station. First of all, you should visit porn or malicious websites. Don’t update any program from unofficial websites. If you read the “Terms and Agreement” page carefully then you can protect your PC from such malware attack to a great extent. Choosing “Advance” or “Custom” installation will also be helpful. However, if your PC has already got infected with this malware in any which ways then follow the simple process mentioned below to uninstall Win32: Patched ANW [Trj] permanently from your work-station.

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