Uninstall Yeabests.top with Working Tutorial

Yeabests.top is a webpage redirect virus that has been planned and developed by ESOffers Network Co Limited. It can hijack any browser irrespective of the Operating System. It normally comes bundled with freeware such as PDF file convertor, Online media streaming player, Java files update and so on. After successful attack, it replaces the default homepage and search-engine provider with Yeabests.top. It looks like a proper search-engine portal however it never gives relevant and correct result for the search queries. Its homepage contains shortcut for popular websites such as Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, etc. but when you click on the icon, multiple new tabs opens that contains porn and malicious contents. So many random short-cuts automatically appear on the desktop which redirect the webpage over suspicious domains.

How Does Yeabests.top Attack

This malware usually comes though “Bundling”. This is a simple method of attaching the malware files with some no-cost program offerings helpful features. Since they are free so user download is without reading its “Terms and Agreement” as want to get anything offered free as quickly as possible. The free downloads installers doesn’t reveal that it is containing other software attached with it. So, it is very important to choose “Advance” or “Custom” installation process to download any program especially if you are downloading it from the unofficial sources. Any software that asks permission to alter the settings of other files or asks to access your data such as browsing pattern and browser history should not be installed. There is a very high possibility of misusing your personal data for illegal activities.

It starts scanning the entire hard-disk in order to create browser short-cuts. At the same time, it loads arbitrary plug-ins and add-ons in the browser for spying on users activities and cheating highly sensitive information such as Online browsing pattern, search history, bank account details and so on. The advertising links, useless pop ups, commercials, bogus notifications etc. mess up the entire browser performance. Even the regular links gets rerouted over suspicious websites.

Harmful Features of Yeabests.top

  • Hijacks the browser and allows cyber-criminals to remotely access the PC
  • Installs suspicious browser toolbar to spy on Online activities of users
  • Alters the important browser files and its important settings
  • Ruins and corrupts the important registries and System files
  • Consumes high System resources and RAM thus PC performance becomes sluggish
  • Expose the security vulnerabilities for more malware attacks

The negative consequences of Yeabests.top could be very severe. Hence it is strongly recommended to delete Yeabests.top as quickly as possible.

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