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Security experts have identified as a browser hijacker as it has been programmed to hijack web browsers installed in the PC and make various modifications without users’ knowledge. After being successfully installed, it often replaces default search engine with itself, changes current homepage and new tab page domains and also disables browser’s security settings.  Subsequently, this hijacker redirects your browser to various online shopping sites, dark web forums and also to phishing sites. It displays numerous advertising banners, pop-ups, coupons etc. to each site that you visit on your browser. Being a vicious browser hijacker, it installs nasty add-ons, toolbars, extensions, etc. to each and every browser in order to monitor your activities and steal your credential and sensitive data. has been developed by MonetizeAd Ltd and it appears like a legitimate and useful search engine, but in reality it is not more than just a hazardous malware infection which sooner or later makes you realize that it is not how it is presented.

What are the properties of

  • It blocks windows firewalls and disables the security programs that are currently sunning inside and allows other hazardous online infections to penetrate to the computer as well
  • Takes up huge system space and increases the usage of CPU, as a result complete PC performance is reduced drastically
  • Makes many important application installed inside such as MS Office, Command Prompt, Task manager etc. unable to function properly
  • Redirects you to phishing web sites that are controlled by cyber offenders who drop more malware infections inside for their personal benefits
  • Bombards the PC screen with tons of ads, fake update pop-ups and system error messages and diminishes your complete web browsing session
  • Steals private data such as bank account and credit card details and causes a serious identity theft
  • Modifies default browser and system’s settings and installs several ‘helper objects’ to the browsers to prevent you from reverting the changes

How does it enter the PC and how to get rid of it?

The most popular malware distribution method is “bundling”. It is often hidden with third party program and manages to settle down to the computer secretly during the installation of main software. Opening spam email attachments, playing online games, watching videos from untrustworthy domains etc. are also prime reasons behind its infiltration to the system, so be careful while getting in touch with such malicious sources. Looking at the threats caused by this hijacker, we highly recommend you to delete this infection quickly from PC. Below guide will help you to get rid of effectively from machine.



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