Know about has been categorized as a malicious domain that belongs to the browser hijacker family. It has capability to infect all the most popular web browsers including Chrome, Firefox and Explorer and therefore, all of a sudden surfing the web becomes very problematic for you once your system gets attacked by this malware. It pretends to be a ‘well-equipped’ search engine program that provides most appropriate and improved search results and enhances your online browsing. It is even designed in a way that it hardly looks different from the genuine ones likes of Google, Yahoo and Bing. Nevertheless, on the contradictory to whatsoever is promised or claimed, or how it looks, is indeed a hazardous cyber infection made by cyber offenders with the sole intention to generate illegal revenues from rookie PC users.

How does it effect to the contaminated PC?

Upon being successfully installed, it contributes thousands of unwanted issues to the browser and turns your online browsing into hell. Initially it obtains complete control over the entire system and then re-configures its present settings. The modification in the registry editor enables this hijacker to gain automatic activation in the computer each time the Window is rebooted. Besides, it hijacks your web browsers and replaces the default settings such as homepage and search engine with without your consent. It makes your online session very problematic with constant redirects over suspicious domains and delivering tons of irritating advertisements on the screen throughout the day. Furthermore, it blocks the security programs running in the machine and downloads several other malicious infections in it. It may also cause a serious identity theft or online robbery because it tracks your browsing activities whatever you do online and gathers credential and sensitive information and shares them with cyber crooks. Hence, for the sake of a capable online experience as well as to avoid the private data from being stolen, it is necessary to illuminate from PC.

How does it enter the PC and how to get rid of it?

Freeware downloads, playing online games, watching porn or other videos from untrustworthy domains, opening spam email attachments, sharing files from infected USB drives etc. are the prime reasons behind the infiltration of this browser hijacker to the computer. So be careful while getting in touch with these malicious sources. The only way to prevent the destruction caused by is to delete this infection completely from machine.



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