Know about is a malicious website linked with a browser hijacker infection. It is promoted as a legit search engine that provides enhanced and improved search results. With the attractive interface, it even looks like a real and genuine search tool likes of Google, yahoo and Bing but in reality, it is completely perilous for users’ PCs. Believing on its claims and appearance, most of the users keep this nasty tool in their computer but after looking at its attributes, very soon they realize that it is not more than just a hazardous malware or virus. Initially upon getting installed, makes significant modifications in default browser as well as system’s settings. It replaces your current home page, new tab page and search engine without your approval. This hijacker program installs several ‘helper objects’ to the browsers to prevent you from restoring the changes made by it. Unwanted attachments slow down the internet speed and diminish your complete online sessions drastically.

It bombards your computer screen with thousands of irritating advertisements all the time when you are online and makes your online browsing very difficult. These ads are based on pay per click mechanism and earn profits for the developers upon being clicked. They are linked with third party domains and redirect you to several commercial sites where a number of sponsored stuffs are promoted. Noticeable thing here is that some sites are full of malicious contents. And thus, by visiting on such risky web portals, you may end up with getting malware infections in the computer. is compatible with all the most popular browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, IE, and Edge and therefore, switching from one browser to another will not help you in escaping from its negative impacts. It makes entries in registry in order to gain automatic activation with each window reboot.

This browser hijacker is mostly distributed through software bundling technique. It is attached with the free program that you download and install over the net and manages to enter the PC during the installation of main software. Besides, it also penetrates the computer through watching movies or other videos from unsafe sites, transferring data using infected USB drives, Peer to peer network sharing, using pirated software and torrent files etc. so, it is highly required to stay away from these malicious sources to keep the PC safe and secured. In case, your system is already infected with, don’t waste any time and delete it immediately from the machine.


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