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Uninstall Buran Ransomware and Recover the Encrypted Files

Buran is a data-encrypting malware that locks the targeted files and make it inaccessible for you. In all the targeted files, it adds .3674AD9F-5958-4F2A-5CB7-F0F56A8885EA extension name on them. They are labeled with “Buran” name on them and this means that the files cannot be accessed any further. It displays a message asking you to make payment to get the decryption key. If you are also facing similar issues then this blog is for you. Read carefully to know about all the technical details and some easily tips to uninstall this ransomware permanently.

The Buran ransomware uses a powerful encryption cipher algorithm for data encryption. For every victim, a unique decryption key is generated. Most possibly, the combination of RSA and EIS military grade encryption method is used. As per its ransom note, user have to pay the ransom money for getting the decryption key. The amount of ransom money is not provided in the note and rather it provide only the email ID to get all the details through further communication. Usually, the price of ransom money fluctuates between $500 to $1500 depending on how fast you respond and how quickly you pay the money. The money is asked to be paid in Bitcon virtual currency so that the identity of cyber-criminals remain hidden.

One more benefit of hiding the identity by cyber-criminals is that they could easily get away even if they don’t provide the decryption key even after receiving the payment. Buran ransomware can encrypt various types of files and application. After settling down, they does a quick scan of PC hard-disk in search of the file and programs that it can encrypt. The encrypted files are usually most used multimedia files such as movies, audios, images, and so on.

How to Recover the Files Encrypted by Buran Ransomware

One method of data retrieval is to decrypt them. For this, you have to pay ransom money to cyber-criminals and trust them that they will provide the original decryption key on receiving the payment. On the other hand, you can use some alternate tricks as mentioned below:

Use backup files: If you have created the backup files in some external storage device and update it time to time then you can use it and recover the locked files. In that case, you just have to scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware to remove all the files and scripts associated with Buran ransomware. Once the malware is removed, you can restore the locked files.

Recover Files from Cloud Storage: This works when you are already connected with cloud storage such as Google Drive, DropBox, OneDrive and so on. Usually, these cloud network providers keep the older version of files for at least 30 days so it will be very easy for you to restore the earlier version of your data.

Use Data Recovery Tool: If the location of locked files is not over written by any new data, there is highly possibility that you can recover them back.

Note: When your files gets encrypted or deleted by ransomware, try not to overwrite its location. If possible, connect the hard-drive with any other computer. Possibly, you will be able to see the folders. You can recover them using a data recovery tool or using “Shadow Volume Copies”.

On the infected PC, it is very important that you remove Buran Ransomware immediately. As long as it is present, it will continue encrypting and damaging other programs and files. So, your first step should be to scan the PC with a powerful anti-malware tool that has strong scanning algorithm and programming.

Precautionary Measures to Avoid Ransomware Attack:

Be careful from spam email campaigns. Don’t open email attachment or messages that looks suspicious. Avoid clicking on any suspicious hyperlinks that comes with it

Browse safely and avoid clicking on ransom pop-ups and ads

Don’t visit websites related to pornography, gambling etc.

Always download trusted software. Read its terms and agreement carefully

Upgrade the PC security setting by using a powerful anti-malware tool

Special Offer: 

Buran is a perilous malware. In order to avoid its removal, it hides its payloads and scripts deep inside the PC. You may try downloading SpyHunter Malware Scanner and check if it detects this malware for you.


Go through the SpyHunter’s EULA, Threat Assessment Criteria, and Privacy Policy. You must  note that only SpyHunter’s scanner is free. If it detects a malware, it will subject to a 48-hour waiting period, one remediation and removal. In order to remove the malware instantly, you have to purchase its full version. (more…)

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Complete Tricks To Remove Djvu Ransomware Safely

Files got locked or encrypted by Djvu Ransomware? Are you being regularly demanded to pay some ransom amount in order to access your own personal files? Nothing to worry as following a few instructions only can protect your system from massive impacts.

Analyst’s view about Djvu Ransomware

As per the malware analysts, Djvu Ransomware is considered as a high end file encrypting trojan or ransomware which is one of the massive cyber threat and may result the victims facing serious problems later on. This program was reported for the very first time April 2016, and since then, approximately millions and even more number of PC users are now victimized and seeking some effective moves to get their PC recovered from malware effects. This ransomware is much similar to its prior versions, but they all purposely works in the same manner, that is to encrypt the files of victimized computers and force the users paying the asked ransom amount. As per the specific detailed derived from several infected computers, Djvu Ransomware is even identified to be one of the ransomware that offers limited discounts for its victims so as the users will immediately enroll with paying ransom amount to spare some of their financial values. It generally ask around 1.2 bitcoin of ransom from its victims that’s merely equals to 1850 USD, which is considerably a big amount.

Probably there’s a large number of suspicious or embedded online sources available through the internet, clicking which the PC will easily get infected by malware objects, and if the malware is none other than Djvu Ransomware itself, the situation would merely turn into the worst nightmare. So, the best way to keep these intruders away from your PC is to install a powerful security solution on your machine that would keep looking for any suspicious processes or files and block them to access any administrative privileges. Moreover, you should also be attentive as well while dealing with some possible online sources such as spam email attachments, porn videos, free online games, open or unsecured data sharing networks, and many more. These are basically some of the major factors that are reportedly found to be capable of circulating malware kinds on global basis. And a user must be preventive against these sources while accessing them for their cheap benefits.

How Djvu ransomware Works on infected computer?

As reported in most of the cases by victimized users, the malware called Djvu ransomware mostly intrudes on system through spam email attachments. In initial, a user received an email which seems convincing and force users to download some attachments. These attachments can be either in form of text document or pdf files embedded with a trojan infection. Once the file is executed on computer, the trojan runs in background and connects the system to a remote server where Djvu ransomware files are stored. After while, the ransomware is downloaded and installed to scan and encrypt all stored files on system on its local drive. As a result, the files becomes terribly useless, also a ransom note is injected in system directories which basically appears on screen when any affected files are launched.

Suggested methods to remove Djvu ransomware and recover files

Although, it may seem very easy to recover encrypted files through a valid decryption key, but the condition is, only if the hackers are going to provide you the same. Expecting from them can be a act to trust robbers for help. The best is to choose a powerful malware removal solution that will detect and remove all associated files or processes with Djvu ransomware and terminate the threat completely. Once the threat is out, you can try restoring your affected files through backup copies you might have saved earlier on external drive. But before you start to restore, it’s very necessary to know steps to remove Djvu ransomware from infected PCs, for which here mentioned guidelines will easily assist you.


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Working Methods To Remove Omumultation.club

While you start your web browser, if it frequently brings Omumultation.club as default homepage or search engine, then browsers are hijacked. This kind of problem may erupt on any web browser no matters you are using Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE, Edge and so on. In such instances, you can expect your regular online sessions will be redirected to questionable websites most of the times, and you may remain with no options to revert modifications on browsers. Many PC experts also call this website as an ad supported platform or adware that basically installs some useless extensions or addons to browsers with intention to show abnormal adverts. These adverts will cover up almost all websites visited by users and enforce the victims to click the links or elements regularly to grow traffic of sponsored partners.

Means, the presence of Omumultation.club on your computer simply indicates presence of hassles which will appear on screen each and every time you surf the web. In most of the cases, the source codes of Omumultation.club is driven through vicious online sources or means like suspicious or malicious websites, junk email attachments, freeware or shareware programs, hacked or cracked software pieces, useless and infected extensions or addons, and many more. In all those cases, if the user interacts with those elements, malicious codes will secretly intrude inside system without any prior notice and install its copy. After that, it affects the main browser at first, followed by targeting other web browsers as well. As a result, none of the installed web browsers will provide you easy way to access the internet unless the present browser hijacker and its attributes are removed. So, the removal of Omumultation.club in current scenario, is highly recommended.

How to remove Omumultation.club easily without hassles?

The circumstances under which a user gets interrupted by adverts or redirects caused by Omumultation.club, are always annoying and should never be entertained or ignored for long time. In case this malware has managed to affect your system and causing regular hassles, then you must need to remove the threat from your PC as quick as possible. In order to accomplish this task, you may require some recommended guidelines or methods from experts. Without such steps, it would be extremely harder for you to deal with infected PC in order to clean it. In case you want such methods or steps, we suggest you checking out the guidelines here mentioned.


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Step By Step Guide To Remove Qtwebengineprocess.exe

The term Qtwebengineprocess.exe is an exe file which refers to a process known as Origin or Ring Central. This process is basically seen on windows based computer, if the file is active there somehow. In many cases, Qtwebengineprocess.exe is also seen active on other operating system where it seems to be BitLord or PlaysTv. Talking specifically about a Windows operating system, when this file get installed on computers, it’s saved under C:\Program Files subdirectory, but is still not a very essential file to assure Windows system efficiency. But, the question is, what’s wrong with the file and when it needs special care if seen active? If you need to know its answer then you must first confirm if the installation of this file is based on your intention. If not, then the file can also be a hectic virus developed and designed to malicious acts only.

Yes, this is true because many PC researchers have identified various cases under which Qtwebengineprocess.exe is active on a computer but is not associated to any specific software. Rather, they are just created trojans by cyber crime master minds which mimics the process by having same or similar name. In such cases, Qtwebengineprocess.exe trojan can be traced under location System32 directory inside root installation drive. But, this location may also vary depending upon various factors. No matters you succeed to detect the presence and location of Qtwebengineprocess.exe infection somehow, you would never be easily able to remove this file completely from your machine. The reason is, the malware after getting installed, also modifies some critical settings in Windows like registry settings, installed security programs, and so on.

What a victim should do?

If you have found the file Qtwebengineprocess.exe in your case is none other than Qtwebengineprocess.exe trojan, then you just reached here a right place. there’s no doubt the infectious object on infected computer is really hard to deal with, but with the help of some proven steps or methods by security experts, its removal can be processed easily for which here suggested guidelines can be very effective. All you need to do is to follow the guidelines carefully and assure if all associated modifications are reverted, and files are deleted completely. You can also opt for mentioned automatic solution which is considered as all safe to remove Qtwebengineprocess.exe infections or issues safely even without having any high end hassles further.


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Syrian users have received free decryption keys by GandCrab ransomware developers via underground forums. In their statements, they also wrote that no other key will be released in futures. They give free decryption key to Syrian users because of heat-showing tweet by Syrian father who has lose his son in the war and request to recover their photos and videos. Jameel, a Syrian father who lost his children in war started series messages via tweeter and ask to decrypt their files from GandCrab v5.0.3 ransomware.

A GandCrab owner is saying all users will get their decryption key:

Replayed from GandCrab developers, they will send free decryption key for each & every victims of Syrian country. If any one of the users still hasn’t received, it is only matter of time until they get them. However, Hackers suggests to give some information for victims’ identification including image of victims, passport, payment page and other identity.

One thing keep in mind that the crucial information like passport or other identification documents may leads several damages or System privacy issues. So, you should be careful while sharing these crucial data to them. You may see the messages on its notes like “We regret that we did not initially add this country to the exceptions. But at least that way we can help them now. Whose keys are not (only for citizens of Syria and the CIS, Ukraine including) – you need to come to us and take a picture of yourself with a passport and payment page. After that, we will issue a decryptor for free.”. But malware programmers also have same messages.

Free decryption work for all version of GandCrab Ransomare:

They generate decryption key in archived file or .zip file including readme.txt and SY_keys.txt files. In the first documents, information in Russian language and shows how key are organized in file. And second file SY_keys.txt files contains about 1000 of decryption keys. Each line has victims unique ID and decryption key. That’s why, it is too much secure.

GandCrab ransomware has several version that is 1.0.0 to 5.0 that has been developed by GandCarb developers. Recently, this nasty file virus has affected millions of victims PCs worldwide. It is crypto-miner and ransomware that is able to lock all files of victims’ PCs. They are doing mercy with Syrian users and their files that give free decryption key at ones. It is clear that no other decryption will be provided in futures. So, you should be careful and choose legitimate decryption tool for your locked files.

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Know How To Recover your files from .MAFIA Files Virus

My Windows Operating System has been get affected by .MAFIA Files Virus. So that I am unable to perform any task and access my own personal files and data. While I try to access it forces me to pay ransom money or else it will delete my files. I am so scare; I can’t afford money and lose my data. Please help me to restore my encrypted data and remove .MAFIA Files Virus from my System.

What is .MAFIA Files Virus:

.MAFIA Files Virus is a very dangerous computer infection that is recognized as a file encryption virus that belongs to ransomware family. The main aim of this virus is to lock down your system and encrypted your personal files and data as well as demands huge ransom money. It is used by the cyber criminals with the aim to makes illegal money through phishing innocent users. It secretly get enters into your System and starts to do lots of malicious activities. .MAFIA Files Virus will scan entire hard disk to encrypt all your personal files including Word, Excel, Power-point, Images, Pictures, Audios, Videos, Games, Apps and so on. It commonly uses strong cryptographic algorithm AES and RSA to encrypt all kind of System files. It also adds own extension at the end of every file to makes them inaccessible.

How .MAFIA Files Virus Demands Money:

Just after successfully encrypted all kind of System files, .MAFIA Files Virus demands ransom money by the sending threatful message on the desktop screen. This message states that you’re all data and file has been encrypted by strong encryption key. To restore all data and file users need to purchase decryption key and you have to pay huge amount $500 as a bit coins within 48 hrs to get the decryption key otherwise your all data and file will delete permanently from your System.

How To Recover All files and Remove .MAFIA Files Virus:

Sending money to the hacker is risky because there is no any proof that it will get back all encrypted data and file just after receiving money. There are highly chance you will lose your files and money as well. It will also hike your private and sensitive information including bank and credit card details. The only one way to recover all files is to remove .MAFIA Files Virus completely from your System. Just after that you can easily recover all files by using legitimate recovery Software Program.


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Scarab-Horsuke Ransomware is a file encrypting malware that targets Windows based PC in order to encrypt files and folders stored in the PC hard-disk and demand to pay ransom in exchange of the decryption key. Its intrusion is very secret and it may come bundled with freeware and shareware, through spam email attachments, hyperlinks and so on. If there is security vulnerabilities in your works-station then it could easily become a soft target.

The cyber-experts never recommend paying any kind of ransom money to cyber-criminals. There are many victims who decided to pay the ransom money but regretted later as they didn’t received the original decryption key. Since the money is asked to be paid in virtual currency hence the real identity of cyber-criminal always remains hidden. Once they receive the money, they starts ignoring the victim by not responding to the email ID. So, never trust on the ransom note delivered by Scarab-Horsuke Ransomware. It is always a good habit to keep a backup of all your important data. Search whether the “Volume Shadow Copies” are intact or not. If these are not available then you may try some data recovery software. Remember that the retrieval of lost files is only possible if your PC is malware free. So, first of all, remove all the payloads and files associated with Scarab-Horsuke Ransomware using a powerful anti-malware tool.

How PC Gets Infected with Ransomware?

The negligence and carelessness from user often result in severe malware infection such as Scarab-Horsuke Ransomware. It comes bundled with freeware that novice users carelessly download from Internet without checking that it contains any additional attachments with it or not. It is always recommended to choose advance/custom installation steps so that any unwanted files could be avoided to get installed in the PC secretly. Avoid using basic/custom installation process. Be careful while opening email attachments that are sent by unknown senders. Such emails usually contain a lot of error messages and spelling mistakes. Browse safely and don’t click on random hyperlinks or pop-ups. Strengthen the firewall security settings and practice safe Online browsing habits.


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Simple Process To Uninstall The Gotham Font Was Not Found from PC

The Gotham Font Was Not Found is a fake and bogus warning message that delivered by the third party webpage. Actually it supported annoying application and advertisements. Thus it is considered as a potentially Unwanted Program [PUP]. It is invented by the team of cyber crooks with the main intention to makes illegal profit through infiltrate innocent users. This message scam innocent users that The Gotham Font Was Not Found in to your system. In this way it encourages to update the entire font pack of the current web browser. It is only a trick to downloading a JavaScript file that contains malware infections like as Trojan, Malware, Spyware, Adware and other harmful infections. These malware infections can perform various malicious activities including corrupt system files and Windows registries; inactivate firewall, task manager, and real antivirus program.

How The Gotham Font Was Not Found comes into your PC:

The Gotham Font Was Not Found is a very cunning system that comes into your System with the bundling freeware program such as audios, videos, games, apps etc which users mostly downloading and installing from infected webpage. It also spreads by the attachments of junk mails; insert corrupted CD, Downloading unwanted program, peer to peer sharing files and other social engineering techniques.

How To Keep your PC safe and secure from Potentially Unwanted Program:

To keep your PC safe and secure from Potentially Unwanted Program then users are highly suggested to avoiding the installation of freeware program. Users must read the installation guide carefully as well as select custom or advance options. Don’t try to attach any mail which comes through unknown site and be careful while downloading unwanted program, sharing files through junk removal devices and performing other annoying activities.

Why Potentially Unwanted Program is essential To Uninstall

Potentially Unwanted Program is a very annoying infection that is able to delivers intrusive advertisements into various forms like as commercial ads, pop-up ads, coupons, banners, discounts, etc on your running webpage with the aim to generates web traffic on your running webpage  as well as gets illegal revenue on pay per click. It will also monitor online keys habits to collect personal and confi0dential information like as email-id, password, Bank account details etc which later forwarded them to the cyber offender for miss use. It can freeze whole components to makes your PC totally ruins. Thus it is highly advice to delete this virus as soon as possible. Please follow the below removal guide that help you to remove The Gotham Font Was Not Found easily and instantly from PC.


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Detailed Analysis About pc-mechanic.exe

pc-mechanic.exe refers to a rogue PC Optimization tool which was first discovered in year 2015. it’s reported this program has now hit IT market once again but with a new avtar and version. Through its official page, it’s claimed to be a legitimate software that’s capable to identify and fix critical issues, remove viruses or malware infections and provides completely optimized system for personal usage. But in contrary, this program was already said the fake tool and even have the same standard now. It offers low quality features but asks for really a considerable amount as its price. Most of the security researchers reported this program is one of the lately discovered potentially unwanted program that is never programmed to help its consumers rather than to earn money through providing untrustworthy services.

In most of the cases, the installation of pc-mechanic.exe takes place not through user’s own intention but through some free downloadable objects. These objects are actually provided with embedded pc-mechanic.exe source codes, and thus secretly manage to add this additional software too. Therefore, whenever you download and install any freebies which claims a lot features, should be double checked for safety levels. For this, a user should scan each and every download with a powerful solution, check its license agreement, and its advances installer options too. If there would be something unwanted, you can easily opt them out. But the best way to take control over these intruders like pc-mechanic.exe, it’s recommended to check your own system security ends. Means to say, if you are using an antivirus, confirm its ability to detect malware infections. If pc-mechanic.exe is active on your machine, the antivirus might be missing such functions that lead the infection to affect your computer.

If you really see the pc-mechanic.exe is able to appear and demanding you to buy its license key, you should ignore such prompts as far as possible, but also instantly seek to find some effective methods to deinstall this deceptive object, otherwise it may result in various critical issues, data theft and many more. The best recommended solutions through which this removal of pc-mechanic.exe like unwanted program can easily be accomplished, is all here mentioned.


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