Important facts about Koobface

Koobface is a kind of PC worm that silently enters the targeted system and causes several pernicious issues in the machine. Once this notorious malware successfully intrudes your device, it gathers all your login details of social media accounts. After that, it sends messages to the people on your friend list and suggests watching the video. These messages contain spiteful hyperlink by clicking on which, they are redirected to questioning web pages where they are trapped into downloading bogus software. Moreover, by using your social media accounts, hackers may ask money from your friends or family members in your name.

Koobface monitors your web activities by using cookies and collects important data. It steals all your personal and confidential stuffs such as bank account details, user ids, passwords, credit card number and other financial info and shares them with hackers for bad intentions. Scammers can take away all the money kept in your bank account and cause you to suffer a big financial loss. Additionally, the gathered information is also sold to third parties who then try to lure you into buying their products of your preferences. It exploits the security loopholes and brings many other hazardous infections like adware, rootkits, spyware, Trojan and even deadly Ransomware in the PC which causes more damages inside.

Koobface shows fake error messages stating that some issues have been detected in the system which need to be fixed quickly. This notorious worm then suggests buying and installing its recommended software presenting it as a useful tool which will take care of all the issues and keep the device away from further attacks. However, we highly advise to ignore these fake messages and avoid installing any suspicious program. It just tries to deceive you into downloading nasty application and generate illicit profits from you. Koobface consumes enormous amount of memory resources and slows down the overall PC performance drastically. Due to this, system starts responding in a very slow manner and takes too much time to complete any process.

How Does This Virus Enter your Device

This nasty PC worm is generally distributed through social engineering method in the form of social media messages. Whenever you click on a spiteful link sent by your friend, you end up with getting such pernicious infections in the machine. And therefore, you should always ask your friend whether he or she has sent that link. In a case your system is already infected with Koobface, we highly advise to delete this virus from the PC as early as possible.


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