‘Ill-threatening activities by the cyber- crooks’ even the sounds of this is nightmare itself. Today in the modern world, we, the people belongings from different natives are globalized in some way or another for several purposes. Undoubtedly, Internet play bigger role to achieve it. But, there are some evil-minded person whose dirty tricks to earn money create huge problems.

Recently, it was found in California hernia repair institute that the infamous Gamma ransomware virus attacked the 16,000 of its members. It was 13th of September by this year; their sensitive details are exposes by the ransomware.

This information has been provided by the California hernia institute itself. The institute stated that, “Our office has experienced a Ransomware attack on September 13th 2018. The attack was tied to an email address [email protected]. If you were treated by one of our physicians prior to July 19th, 2018 your demographic information may have been compromised.

Gamma ransomware exposed the details including surname, last name, residence address, birth date, SSN etc during the cyber attacks. It is found by the researches, the Gamma ransomware is strongly related with Dharma and Crisis ransomware. It provides [email protected] email address to contact the crooks in ransom note.

So that, the attack won’t happen again, the institute took some actions, and now, it is looking for high-quality prevention methods that might be helpful in the future. The institute said, Our office has moved all of our data to an off-site server, continuous to investigate this matter, and has taken steps to eliminate the possibility of a future breach including the purchase of a more robust firewall and antivirus. Further, the institute recommends the victim of this attack to use Identity Monitoring Service for one year.

Ransomware viruses are spreading very frequently, that not means the cyber criminals overrun the regular users. You can avoid intruding the infection into your system by little precaution while surfing Internet. Since, the ransomware intrude into the system, most of the time via spam emails, for better if you always avoid clicking on these of these emails rather trash and delete immediately from the system.

Furthermore, you need to keep your essential documents safe. It you store it on external device, it would be better. But, you also need to be responsible while purchasing such a device, make sure that you transfer or copy important data to it.

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