Delete with Simple Steps (Solved) is a mysterious domain that is basically categorized as a browser hijacker by cyber experts. It constantly generates notification asking the victims to buy certain technical services including Telephonic call support etc. for fixing the issues of PC. Such notifications are based on the pay-per-click and are a type of affiliate marketing which goes very aggressive most of the time. It makes a connection of infected PC with a remote server and allows cyber hackers to execute their illicit activities.

The personal confidential information of users is always at the risk of being cheated due to infection. It makes use of cookies recorders and key-loggers in order to spy on users activities and cheat sensitive information. The collected data is transferred to third parties whom they use for their own financial benefits. uses plug-ins and add-ons which secretly gets added in the browser and does the spying activities in a very secretive way. It also triggers attractive commercial ads and offers based on users browsing habits. The default homepage and search engine is replaced with a nasty domain that never gives correct result for users queries. Most of the shown websites and links are fully sponsored and it will redirect over commercial webpage. changes the basic files of browser and its related settings. This way it allows unauthorized third parties to access and control the infected PC especially the Online performance. might claim as if it powered by popular search engine or browser but the reality is totally opposite. Support this malicious domain in any ways will definitely create multiple chaos.

Symptoms of Attack

  • Installation of unknown plug-ins and add-ons
  • Victim loose full control over the browser
  • Overall PC performance gets sluggish and gets interrupted for unknown reasons
  • The issue of webpage redirection increases
  • Access over legitimate websites gets blocked

How does Attack?

Basically, the intrusion of such malware is very secret. It normally comes bundled with freeware, emails, file sharing network and so on. Downloading or updating files from unofficial sources is always risky. Do select “Advance/Custom” installation process so that the attack of such malware could be avoided. It is strongly recommended to read the “Terms and Agreement” very carefully before downloading anything in your work-station.