Know about Globe Imposter Ransomware

Globe Imposter Ransomware is a dangerous malware threat which encrypts users’ crucial files and data and extorts money out of them. It often gains silent intrusion in the computer without any notification and mainly targets the computer systems that have windows OS installed in them. This nasty virus appends a unique extension with the name of each infected file. The appended extension might be any one of “.hNcrypt, .crypt, .nCrypt, .legally, .keepcalm, .2cXpCihgsVxB3, .wallet, .fix, .vdulm, .515, .pizdec, .medal, .paycyka, or .[[email protected]]SON”. All the targeted data are locked with a strong cipher and hence they become inaccessible or useless. After successfully encrypting the files, Globe Imposter Ransomware creates a ransom note and drops it on the desktop and also puts in each folder that contains the contaminated data. In this note, you are informed about the data encryption and also provided emails in order to contact the attackers and get instruction on how to retrieve them back.

Crooks state that all your files have been locked with AES and RSA algorithms and if you are interested in getting them back, you need to transfer a ransom amount of approx. $200 to their BitCoins account. They also explain that once the transaction is made, the files will automatically be decrypted. Although, it is true that you will not able to open the data again once locked by Globe Imposter Ransomware but still, you are strongly advised to not make any sort of payment to the hackers. Reports say that they often ignore the victims once the payment is done and disappear without fulfilling their promises. If that happens to you, you will lose both files as well as money. Paying ransom to the hackers is not a clever thing to do in any aspect; it will only encourage them to drop more infections inside for further revenues.

The best thing you need to do in such situation is to remove this nasty virus immediately from PC as early as possible. After that, restore the locked data via other recovery option such as backup. This is the only way to get access to them back. It is mostly distributed through spam email campaigns and hence, you should ignore the suspicious mails that came from unknown source. They may contain such kind of infections which will be dropped inside once you open the infected mail. The longer this malware remains inside, it keeps ruining the computer rapidly so don’t waste any time and delete Globe Imposter Ransomware from PC with the help of removal guide given here.



Steps To Remove Globe Imposter Ransomware From Compromised Computer

Globe Imposter Ransomware should not be there in your PC and if it is there then you must uninstall it as early as possible. It is recommended to use a strong and powerful anti-malware tool and do complete scanning of your System. In some cases, the file encrypting malware are very powerful and they may restrict you for installing the security tool and scan the System for malware search. If the malware prevents you from installing the anti-malware tool, follow these steps to reboot your PC to Safe Mode or using System restores option.

Method 1 (Uninstall Globe Imposter Ransomware with Safe Mode with Networking)

Step 1.  First of all, reboot your PC in Safe Mode option.

For Windows 7/ Vista and XP

  • Press Start > Shutdown > Restart > OK
  • Continuously press f8 button and you will see a “Advance Boot Options” window
  • Select “Safe Mode with Networking” from the given list

For Windows 10 and Windows 8

  • Go to Windows 8 Start Screen and type “Advanced” in the search result select settings
  • Click on “Advance Startup Options” in the General PC settings and click on Restart now option
  • Click the “Troubleshoot” button and then on “Advanced options” button
  • Click on the “Startup Settings” and follow this by pressing on “Restart” button
  • The PC will open up with Startup setting screen so press F5 to boot in Safe Mode with Networking

Step 2: Remove Globe Imposter Ransomware

Now your PC is booted with “Safe Mode with Networking” option. Just login to your PC account and open the browser. Download a powerful anti—malware tool. We suggest downloading Spyware but you can also try some other legitimate applications as well. Run a full System scan for removing all the suspicious files, entries and items that belong to Globe Imposter Ransomware and complete the removal process.

For any reasons, if you are unable to start your PC in Safe Mode with Networking, you can try performing System Restore.

Method 2: Remove Globe Imposter Ransomware Using System Restore

  1. During the PC startup process, continuously press on F8 button until Windows Advanced Menu Option appears on the screen. Select “Safe Mode with Command Prompt” option and press ENTER.

  1. When Command Prompt mode loads, type “cd restore” and again press ENTER

  1. Type “rstrui.exe” and Press ENTER

  1. Click “Next” on the opened Window

  1. Check for the available Restore point and click on “NEXT”. (This will restore your PC prior to the time and day when Globe Imposter Ransomware infected your work-station.)

  1. In the opened Window, Click “Yes”.

  1. Once your PC gets restored to its previous data, download and scan your PC with a powerful anti-malware tool to delete all the related files and items of Globe Imposter Ransomware. It is very important to remove Globe Imposter Ransomware so that it doesn’t encrypt other files and data.

Once you have enabled System Restore Function in the OS, you can restore individual files encrypted by the ransom with using “Windows Previous Version” feature. Remember that this feature will only work if the ransomware has not deleted the “Shadow Volume Copies” of the files.

In order to Protected your PC form file-encrypting malware, It is important that you work-station must contain a powerful anti-malware tool. If you have a proper anti-malware and firewall settings in your work-station then these ransomware will get their entry in your PC. The protection of your PC should always be your first priority.

Step 4: Remove Globe Imposter Ransomware with an automatic solution

Although the removal method through manual instructions are effective and proven to provide the best results, still some of the victimized users may fail to get the results as per their desire. This can happen due to lack of technical consent to access most of the administrative utilities as used in above guidelines. If you also got stuck through the instructions or seeking the safest method which needs not any high end manual steps, then opting an automatic solution could be the best solution. You just need to do a few instructions taken in practice to install and scan the system deeply that will fix all issues and remove Globe Imposter Ransomware completely. The required steps to do so is all here mentioned.


Easily remove all online trending threats from your PC safely at just single click.

Step 1: Download and install Globe Imposter Ransomware removal tool and install it on your computer (Note: this is a free scanner that will detect the present malwares on your system only. In order to fix the threats completely, you would have to buy its full version to remove the threats.)

Step 1

Step 2: After the installation is finished, run the scanner and you will see the two options as depicted in the image below. Click on “Scan Computer Now” button.

Step 2

Step 3: In this step, you would see the scanning process bar with detection of found threats and its short description along-with its categorized thumbnail.

Step 3

Step 4: Lastly, the scanner finishes scanning the computer to show full list of detected threats on computer. Just click on “Fix Threats” button to complete the removal that hardly takes a few moments depending upon the nature and severity level of the malware items.

Step 4