What is Dear Chrome User, Congratulations!?

Dear Chrome User, Congratulations!” is a deceptive message appears only when your system has been infected with some potentially unwanted applications. The PUPs could install when you downloaded regular software through third party malicious websites or links. They intrude without your permission, and starts causing redirects, deploying intrusive advertisements and gathering browsing related data.

They deliver numerous misleading advertisements, one of which is “Dear Chrome User, Congratulations!” that offers false claim of Samsung Galaxy S9 mobile in return for the loyalty to Google Chrome browser. If you are the one who receives this spam message, you should nothing to do with it. Just ignore it. Cyber criminals behind this spam just trying to scam you and trick you into providing the crucial information to get the reward.

Risk associated with Dear Chrome User, Congratulations!

The site that “Dear Chrome User, Congratulations!” redirects you to receive the award, where you are asked to enter personal details, could attach with some malicious codes that upon clicking will activate and download/install other malicious malware inside the PC. Therefore, it should be better to avoid clicking on the link. You should remove the potentially unwanted programs to rid of “Dear Chrome User, Congratulations!” and other issues that the virus probably would create while running inside your PC.

How does the adware install?

The adware could intrude when you downloaded some third party software without paying much attention at the installation option. Developers hide the malicious application under Custom/Advanced settings of some regular software, particularly some freeware program. Since the users are unaware of this, when they download the bundled program with casual approach and skip the software without checking for any secretly attached program, they download the attached malware unintentionally.

Some ill-effects of adware viruses

The adware are known for delivering intrusive advertisements while their victims surf the browser. They deliver eye-catching advertisements contain malicious codes and cause many more infectious malware invasion. They even cause redirects to suspicious websites or displays intrusive contents. What’s more, they can steal browsing related data and sends them to hackers. To avoid any privacy and identity theft risk, you must need to remove the adware from your system. Running an antivirus program would able to remove “Dear Chrome User, Congratulations!” as well the adware that causing this from your system with an ease.


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