Manual process to Uninstall

Overview of is a suspicious domain that seems as a very genuine search engine as a Google, Yahoo, and Bing and other similar search engine at first approach. It tries to believe online users itself a very genuine program by the claims to enhance the web browsing experience by the getting most relevant searching results.  But it’s all claims are fake and bogus. While users go to search something on this site they will always get unwanted or unrelated searching results as well as redirect to the other harmful webpage once click on them. Those harmful webpage may contains malicious codes, suspicious links, sponsored ads, commercial ads etc. the main purpose to promote such types of adverts only to make revenue for the creator on pay per click. However is categorized as a redirect virus that usually attaches itself with the System toolbars, browser extension, plug-in, add-on, open torrent files and mostly visiting suspicious sites. It is invented by the team of cyber crook with the intention to makes money through scam online users.

 Malicious Doings of

Once gets install successfully enter in to your PC it will starts to do malicious activities. Some common activities are given below:-

  • Firstly it will hijack all running System web browsers including Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, Safari and others.
  • It will make the browser so strange for the users by the several alternations like as internet, browser, homepage and DNS setting etc.
  • It will disable the System security and privacy as well as inactivates System files and Windows registries.
  • It will block firewall, internet security and real antivirus programs.
  • It will track user’s online keys habits to collect vital details including financial information for wrong intention.
  • It will take huge resources of the running PC memory.
  • It will slowdown the System as well as surfing speed of the web browsers.

How I delete virus from PC:

Have your System got infected with if yes then you are highly suggested to delete this virus quickly otherwise it makes the System and browser useless as well. To keep the System and web browser safe and secure for further damages you are highly suggested to follows the below removal guide or uses removal toolbars to remove easily and quickly from Computer.



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