Short Description on pretends to be a useful website which allows users to watch thousands of movies, TV series etc. for free. It even appears as a genuine web page due to which, many novice users get trapped into installing this tool in their systems. However, as per deep research, it is indeed a potentially unwanted program or browser hijacker that should not be trusted. It has been specially developed by a group of potent cyber offenders for commercial and promotional purposes. It aims to boost traffic for third party web pages and make quick revenues for the authors. Once intrudes your device, initially, it assigns itself as the new home page, new tab page and search engine domain and acquires complete control over the entire browser.

Why Is This Hijacker Not Safe For Your Device

This nasty malware manipulates your search results and shows irrelevant outcomes that have no relation with your queries. Your search results are mixed with bothersome ads and pop-ups which include third party links and lead you to sponsored web portals upon being clicked. With each redirection, it makes profits for the developers. floods your PC screen with a number of annoying ads throughout the day which slows down the internet speed and disrupts your web sessions badly. You need to be very careful while encountering with these adverts because they may also redirect you to such sites that are filled with malevolent stuffs.

The biggest threat related with this notorious malware is privacy issue. As soon as it enters your system, it starts spying on your web activities and gathers important data. It collects all your personal and confidential information such as bank account details, user ids, passwords, credit card or debit card number etc. and exposes them to hackers for bad intentions. exploits the security loopholes and makes the device vulnerable for other hazardous infections. It may easily bring more pernicious threats like rootkits, worms, Trojans, spyware and even deadly Ransomware in the system and turn the machine into a malware hub.

Intrusion Tactics of

Freeware downloads, using infected removal drives, sharing peer to peer network, opening spam email attachments etc. are major reasons behind its infiltration. So, it is necessary to be very attentive while browsing the web and avoid getting in touch with these nasty sources to keep the PC harmless and secured. This nasty hijacker consumes huge amount of memory resources and slows down the overall PC performance severely. System starts responding in a very slow manner and takes more than usual time to complete any task. In order to prevent all these threats from being occurred, you must remove from the work-station immediately.


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