Tips To Remove .101 file virus

.101 file virus or EbolaRnsmwr Ransomware is a destructive file-encrypting malware which silently infiltrates your PC without your approval and locks your crucial files and data stored inside the machine. It use AES cryptography to encrypt your essential files like images, videos, music, documents, presentations, etc. and appends “.101” extension with each of them. Following successful encryption, this perilous crypto-threat puts a ransom note on the desktop and informs you about the unpleasant situation. It also provides you the file-recovery instruction stating that in order to get back access to the locked files again, you need to pay an amount of ransom money to the attackers. .101 file virus often asks $200 to $1000 as ransom amount that has to be paid in BitCoins within 72 hours.

Should I Pay The Ransom?

This hazardous Ransomware doesn’t leave any option to you other than dealing with the hackers but still, we highly advise to not do so. It has been seen that such types of scammers normally ignore the victims after taking the ransom or provides bogus application in the name of decryption key which only harms the machine upon getting installed. So, never trust on the crooks and try to restore the infected files via alternate options. But, first of all, you must eliminate .101 file virus from the work-station quickly in order to prevent other essential data from being infected.

Ways To Recover The Infected Files

There are too many third-party data-recovery applications that are very useful in restoring the infected or lost files; you should also use any of such tools to get your data back. Moreover, you need to keep making regular backups, by the help of which, you can easily retrieve the compromised files if such spiteful situation occurs once again. This notorious malware can be also responsible for the infiltration of many other Online parasites in the machine since it exploits the security loopholes and opens backdoors for them. .101 file virus brings various other pernicious issues in the affected PC like software failure, hard drive crash, data loss, boot errors, application malfunctioning and so on.

How Does This Threat Enter Your Device

This nasty crypto-malware is mostly distributed through spam emails when users open the mails coming from unknown source and download their malicious attachment. Therefore, you need to be very careful while opening a suspicious mail as it may contain bogus stuffs that are automatically dropped inside the moment you open the attachment. Aside from this, fake software updates, peer to peer network sharing, using infected removal drives, etc. are also major reasons behind its penetration. So, stay away from these vicious sources to keep the PC harmless and secured. But at the moment, just follow the simple steps given below and remove .101 file virus from the device immediately.


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