Short description on is a kind of browser hijacker infection that intrudes the computer silently through third party programs and takes complete control over the machine by assigning itself as the default home page and search engine replacing the previous one. It has been identified as a hazardous malware tool that is capable of executing a number of malicious deeds in the PC and posing serious threats onto it. Once it gets successfully installed, all of a sudden, several strange things begin to happen in the computer. Your PC screen is flooded with endless irritating ads on whichever web page you visit. has been developed with the sole motive to generate traffic for the third party websites and make online revenues for the developers via rookie PC users. Ads released by it are linked with different kinds of domains and redirect you to several commercial, scamming and even phishing web portals. And thus, you should stay away from them even if they look very attractive or useful.

It manipulates your search results and shows inorganic outcomes that have no relation with your queries. You often get annoying ads, pop-ups and doubtful links as search results which lead you to those unknown and questioning web pages. It is compatible with all the most popular browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, IE, Safari and Edge, and hence, switching from one browser to another will not help you in escaping from its negative impacts. has ability to track your web activities and gather important information about your preferences which is later used by the creators for making and displaying eye-catching advertisements so that they could get maximum clicks over them and earn more profits via pay per click method. It is important to mention that the collected information may include your personal data such as login ids, passwords, credit card number, bank account and other financial details and therefore, this hijacker program is very risky for your privacy too.

Freeware downloads, watching movies or other videos from unsafe sites, playing online games, sharing P2P network, using corrupt CDs or infected USB drives etc. are the prime causes behind its infiltration in the computer. So, avoid getting in touch with such malicious sources to keep the PC harmless and secured. As long as this browser hijacker remains inside; it keeps ruining the system on a constant basis. To prevent all these stuffs from being occurred, you must illuminate quickly from the machine without wasting any time.


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