Delete 1M Search permanently from computer

1M Search is a browser hijacker that changes users’ default homepage and search engine once gets installed. It hits all popular web browsers including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Internet Explorer etc. Initially it looks like a legitimate search engine and very useful but very soon you came to know that its harmful effects are much more powerful than it anything valuable it might have. Just after few changes in your browser settings, you realize that your System has got infected by virus. It degrades System performance as it takes up adding processing power. Apart from upsetting your online session, this malware creates many other issues that make the PC unable to work effectively. 1M Search usually comes inside your computer bundled with other free programs without your approval. While installing a desired application, users generally don’t notice that some other free programs that are attached with main application also get installed with it. You need to read terms and conditions carefully before installing any software.

There are some other ways that 1M Search get inside your PC, while visiting unsafe links, opening junk emails, using infected USB drives, sharing peer to peer network etc. This malware is made by crooks as a channel to observe your browsing activities. The websites you visit, your search queries, your favourable products etc. all are gathered by this hijacker, which it sends them to its developers. While entering queries in this search engine, it redirects you to some unwanted websites where many ads are displayed, promoting sponsored products online relating to your most favoured browsing habits. 1M Search has ability to disable the anti-virus program that you are using, thus your System will surely get hit by other deadly virus further. Only way to get rid of this threat is to uninstall this malicious program completely from PC.

1M Search often displays various advertisements which may be pop-ups, banners, text link pages etc. It generates fake messages alerting you that “your System is at risk and to fix the issue, you need to download and install its given product” even if there is not such a case. Ignore these fake messages because the application that is presented as useful for your System security is not free, you will have to pay some dollars to buy their program. Their intention is to make revenue illegally by cheating users Online; moreover it drops other viruses inside your computer. You need to remove this malicious program completely from PC to keep it safe and away from risks. Follow the instructions given below which will guide you how to fix the issue.



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