Know about is an unreliable search engine that displays modified search results and tries to capture your browsing activities.  Once your computer gets infected with this perilous browser hijacker, it replaces your default homepage, new tab page and search engine with itself without asking for permission. All of a sudden it takes complete control over all the pre-installed browsers in the PC and makes you feel very bother after seeing lots of strange things happening in the system. This hijacker program can infect all the popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, IE, and Safari and hence substituting from one browser to another will not reduce the concerns. bombards thousands of irritating ads on the screen and makes your online browsing very difficult. By clicking on the adverts, you are redirected to unknown websites where several third party products, services and programs are promoted. It is not necessary that all the sites are safe to visit; it also leads you to phishing websites where tons of malicious contents are present. Even an accidental click on such ads may fill your computer with malware infections.

The intention of developers is to generate online revenue illegally. Therefore it uses several illicit techniques to earn profits for them. The most noticeable one is data stealing. As soon as it enters the computer, it starts spying on your browsing activities and gathers important information about you. You have no idea that your online actions such as which pages you visit, which links you open, what search queries you use etc. all are being monitored. The collected data is sent to crooks who use them for advertisement campaign. It is important to mention that the gathered information may include your private data such as user ids, passwords, credit card number, bank account and other financial details, and thus it may cause a serious identity theft or online robbery. may lead you to be a victim of cybercrime; therefore it is highly required to delete the infection quickly from PC to avoid such risks.

This browser hijacker often enters the computer through software bundling method. Malware developers use this technique to distribute their programs in users’ PCs and do all the evil activities to generate revenue. So be careful while installing an application, always chose custom option and deselect the unwanted components that are hidden with the main software. You just need to follow the instruction given below that will guide you how to get rid of from system.



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