Easy Way to delete .2018 Virus from System

.2018 Virus is a highly malicious computer infection that comes from ransomware family. It is recently detected virus in this year by expert. This virus has been developed by the team of remote hacker with the main target to makes illegal money through infiltrate innocent users. It is able to invade all version Windows Operating System like as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows8.1 and the most recent version Windows10. It comes into your PC without any your concern with the spam mails campaign, downloading freeware program, using java script and performing other annoying activities. Once activated, .2018 Virus will start to scan your System hard disk and encrypt all kinds of System files like as Word, Excel, and Power-point, images, pictures, audios, videos, PDF files and other types of files. It commonly uses strong cryptographic algorithm to encrypt all kinds of System files. Just after that it will add own extension on all kinds of System files. SO that users are unable to open any files as usual.

How .2018 Virus Demands Ransom Money:

.2018 Virus Demands ransom money by the sending ransom message on your computer screen that your System files has been encrypted with strong encryption key. If you want to decrypt all kinds of System files then you must need to purchase all types of decryption key by the paying its cost about 500 US dollars as a bit coins within 48 hrs. If you don’t pay money on time then your all useful files may be deleting forever.

Should Users Pay Ransom Money:

Users should not pay ransom money to the hacker because there is no any guaranteed that you will access your files and data just after paying money to the hacker on time. There is highly probability you will lose your files and money as well. During the transaction money you have to disclose you’re all personal data including bank and credit card details that can so risky for you.

How To Recover all useful files from .2018 Virus:

To recover all useful files users must need to delete .2018 Virus permanently from System. But it is so hard to detect and eliminate from normal Antivirus program. So please follow the below removal guide to remove .2018 Virus easily and instantly from PC. Just after that you can recover all useful files by the using recovery toolbar.


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