Know Steps To Uninstall 360 Total Security From Windows

360 Total Security is another vicious threat as reported by cyber experts. This application is technically an antivirus software from a China based company called Qihu 360 software Co, Ltd. As per the researchers, a PC user must avoid using this application to secure their machine against viruses, because the application offers really poor and non trustworthy protection to computer against intrusive cyber threats. Some of the users even reported this application managed to get installed on their machine unnoticed and now being aggressive to them to buy its licensed version. In such cases, even the removal of 360 Total Security becomes much harder because the PUP has installed itself automatically with bundled programs or through other means, and must have no options for users to uninstall 360 Total Security simply from control panel.

Thus, 360 Total Security is completely what a user will never intend to have installed on their computer, but it all technically happens without their intention. Although this program is offered through its official site, the crap can even get installed on a machine through some bundled applications. The hackers often promote this product to earn illegal money and use to bundle its installation source codes with a plenty of freeware or shareware objects. So, once such things are downloaded and installed, 360 Total Security is also added to computer to throw hectic results later on. This can compromise or remove your currently installed trusted antivirus application and turns the system vulnerable to more intruders. In such cases, other threats like trojans or ransomware will easily manage to strike the PC. Even the hackers themselves will find it easy then to access your system for their personal needs and make your PC access really the worst.

Ways To Uninstall 360 Total Security

If you have got 360 Total Security installed on your machine unintentionally and have no options to eradicate it through control panel options, the must not be able to remove it. don’t worry and follow the guidelines we assisted you to get rid of 360 Total Security and its issues all in a few minutes. You just need to take a few recommended measures in practice after which the PUP will be completely out and your system would be running efficiently once again. If you want to learn such steps, follow the methods ahead.


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