Tips To Remove is another malicious web domain that belongs to the browser hijacker category. As soon as this nasty malware successfully enters your computer, it starts contributing malicious activities in the background and wreaks havoc onto the machine. First of all, it sets itself as the new home page, search engine and new tab page without even asking for your permission and acquires full control over your web activities. After that, it floods your system screen with endless annoying ads and pop-ups throughout the day and interrupts your web sessions badly. aims to boost traffic for third-party websites and make quick revenues for the authors from novice users.

How Does This Threat Affect Your Computer?

Ads released by this PUP include hyper-links by clicking on which, you are redirected to unknown web pages where numerous sponsored stuffs are promoted. However, this perilous hijacker may also lead you to phishing web domains where you are forced to install bogus software or buy worthless products. It disables the working of all the running security measures including anti-virus tools and Windows Firewalls and opens backdoors for more nasty infections. It may easily bring other Online threats such as rootkits, Trojans, worms, spyware etc. in your computer and turn the machine into a malware-hub. modifies critical DNS configuration and restricts you from visiting some of your desired web portals.

This hazardous parasite changes the default registry settings by making spiteful entries in boot section and gains automatic activation with each Window reboot. It messes with important system files that are essential for smooth computer processing and prevents many installed apps as well as drivers from functioning in an appropriate manner. It keeps performing evil deeds in the background which consume enormous amount of memory resources and slows down the overall PC performance drastically. leads the machine to respond slower than ever before and take too much time to complete any task.

Other Harmful Properties of

  • Enables remote criminals to get access to your PC and execute malicious acts inside for their personal benefits.
  • Displays fake updates notifications, security warnings, error messages etc. tries to scam you into installing bogus software.
  • Modifies critical DNS configuration and restricts you from visiting some of your desired web domains.
  • Adds many suspicious links in the bookmark list and removes some important domains from it.

Distribution of

This notorious malware infection mostly sneaks into the targeted PC secretly along with freeware and shareware programs. Third parties attach additional components along with their software in order to make pay per install revenues. But, it can be avoided by choosing Custom/Advanced settings instead of the ‘Default’ one. Here you can deselect the unwanted tools which look suspicious and select only the main program. Looking at the threats caused by, you must remove this virus from the work-station as soon as possible.


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