Delete completely from computer is a malware program which pretends to be a legitimate search engine like Google and Yahoo that improves the web browsing experience by giving most related search results. But these claims are fake and bogus. This is indeed a browser hijacker which hijacks your Internet browser, takes controls over it and does lots of modifications in it. It is made by professional hackers with the intention to make money online illegally. When you enter your query in this search engine, you will get unrelated searching results. It redirects you to unwanted Websites where many malicious programs are promoted which may damage your System completely once get installed. hijacks all your popular web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc. It usually comes in to the System without your knowledge when you use any infected USB drive, open junk emails, visit unsafe websites, insert corrupted CDs, peer to peer network sharing and in bundled with other free programs that you download from insecure sites. adds many tools and plugins to the browser and makes your browsing session very difficult. It consumes high System resources and slows down the internet speed as well as complete PC performance. It traces your browsing activities then displays number of ads, most of them match your interests of search habits and ask you to buy them as it looks very useful. You should be very aware before purchasing or downloading their product because it just a trick to cheat users and make revenue illegally. They ask your personal details use those stuffs for creating money and make you a victim of cyber-crime. Many of your regular used function like MS OFFICE, Command Prompt etc. stop working properly since it deletes and modifies files in registry entries. allows other malware program to be installed in to the System without your permission. It is important to get rid of this virus completely from PC.

Harmful effects of

  • Hijacks your web browser and does lots of modification in it
  • Changes your search engine with itself
  • Deletes files in registry settings and enables many System functions to work improperly
  • Allows other malware programs to be installed in your PC
  • Traces your browser activities and steals your private data

The long this nasty malware stays inside your PC it creates more difficulties for it. It is important to delete this bug completely from computer to avoid these harms. Follow the instructions given here which will guide you how to remove this virus effectively and keep your PC safe and healthy.



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