Important facts about is a browser hijacker program that works as a search engine and poses negative impacts on the PC. It is mostly distributed through software bundling and other deceptive techniques and often gains silent infiltration in the computer without being noticed by the users. Upon getting inside successfully, first of all, it hijacks your web browsers by replacing the default home page, new tab page and search engine without your approval and acquires complete control over your online activities. Moreover, many suspicious toolbars, extensions, plug-ins, add-ons, etc. are installed to the browsers in order to prevent you from restoring the changes made by it. adds many doubtful links to the bookmark list and removes some favourite domains from it. It manipulates your search results and shows distinct outcomes that have no relation with your queries. You often get annoying pop-ups and doubtful links as search results which lead you to unknown web pages that are trying to get popularity.

It traces your web activities and gathers all the important information about your preferences which is later sent to its developers who then use those stuffs for making and displaying attractive advertisements so that they could get maximum clicks over them and earn more profits via pay per click method. Your computer screen is flooded with endless irritating ads all the time on each web page you visit that diminish your complete online sessions. takes up huge memory space and enormous CPU resources which results in poor system performance. Your PC speed is reduced drastically, many important applications such as Ms Office, command prompt, task manager etc. stop functioning as they should be. PC takes more time in starting-up and shutting down processes and it often gets restarted automatically. Ads released by this hijacker are linked with various kinds of domains, by clicking on them; you might be redirected over phishing web portals that are controlled by cyber crooks and may end up with getting malware infections in the machine.

It often infiltrates the PC as an add-on or extension in order to avoid the threat of being detected by the scanning of anti-malware programs. Presence of this nasty hijacker allows other hazardous threats such as Trojans, rootkits and even deadly ransomware to enter the PC as well as it disables the security programs that are running inside and opens backdoors for other online threats. To prevent all these stuffs from being occurred, it is necessary to delete instantly from computer with the help of removal guide given here.



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