Effective Guide to delete [email protected] Virus from PC

Have your System files got affected with [email protected] Virus? Are you unable to open any of your files? Don’t worries about, please read this guide to get your files back again and remove [email protected] Virus easily and completely from PC?

[email protected] Virus is a highly vicious computer infection that belongs to ransomware family. This perilous computer infection is able to infect all kinds Windows Operating System like as Windows XP, Windows7, Windows8, Windows8.1 and the most latest version Windows 10. It can easily attack your PC through spam mails, using java script, downloading unwanted program, and other tricky way. [email protected] Virus is able to lock down your PC and encrypt all kind of System files including audios, videos, games, apps, M.S. Office, PDF, Excel, Power-point, Images, Pictures, and many other type files. It commonly uses strong cryptography algorithm AES-256 and RSA-2048 to encrypt all useful files. It also replace their extension with own extension to makes them inaccessible for the users. So users are unable to open even single file as usual.

How [email protected] Virus Demands Ransom Money:

Once encrypting your files [email protected] Virus will also leave a ransom note on your computer screen in the form of html or text. This message says that your files are encrypted with powerful algorithm and they are unlocked via a decryption key. So you have to purchase decryption key by paying its amount about 500 US dollars as a bit coins within 48 hrs otherwise your all System files and data will delete permanently from your PC.

Should Victim pay ransom money to the hacker?

According to the expert paying the ransom money to the hacker place may risky for you. Because there is no nay guaranteed that you may get your files back just after payment to the hacker. There are highly chance you may lost your files and money as well. It is only a trick to phishing innocent users  and collect their personal and confidential information including bank and credit card details for wrong purpose. Thus users don’t trust such types of annoying message and never try to make any deal.

How victim get encrypted files from [email protected] Virus:

To get encrypted files from [email protected] Virus victim must need to delete this perilous virus permanently from PC. But it is very hard to detect and eliminate from normal antivirus program. So please follow the below removal tool to remove [email protected] Virus easily and completely from PC. Just after this process you can recover your all useful files by using strong recovery software program.


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