Easy steps to delete 8005315000

8005315000” is spam call on which the scammers supposedly claim them to be DirectTV representatives. They ask the victims to download something or grant remote access to the device. This is false claim, and you should avoid it and immediately scan the device.

More about 8005315000

The scam call number –8005315000 –usually comes from Indian assent. The scammers offer great deal -the low cost service for  the Internet and the TV cable for such prices as $89.99, $62.50 and similar –for the well known American broadcast satellite service DirectTV. They demand credit card number for this or ask to purchase Amazon Gift card for the same.

The scammers use the name of some big companies to trick users into believing this great deal. That create huge chance that the users fall for the trick. They use the credit card credentials provided by the scammed users and might withdraw the large sum of money.

They even ask for the deep access inside the device. Thus, they might steal confidential and other sensitive data stored and often install many malicious malware inside the system. These malware may be from ransomware, worm, Trojan, spyware, and other potentially unwanted application.

Moreover, the call cost is also high and answering to the call emptied you pockets. Thus, you are the one who is unknown of this should aware and much attentive about this scam. Avoid answering and just ignore it. For the one who already got scammed by this, you must need to scan the system to remove any threat that possibly intrudes into your system.

How the infection occurs?

The reason of 8005315000 spam call may be because of some potentially unwanted application that sneaks by stealth with some regular software download. PUPs are generally hidden under Custom/Advanced settings of installation process of the regular software. Casual approach at the time of downloading the program and skipping steps at the installation steps lead the malware get sneaky install without users’ approval. Here, you can avoid the unwanted app, if you use some legitimate source and use the Custom/Advanced settings of download/installation process.

Safety is important

You should avoid responding to unknown number. The attackers behind this trick dirty way to get maximize the profit. They recruit thousands of people and employ and trained them. There are many fake callers and you should be aware of this. Remember that you do not need to directly do what the people behind the call ask you to do so. At present to remove 8005315000 and the recover the damages, run an antivirus scan to the PC.


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