Delete completely from PC

Have your default search engine changed to If yes then are clarified that your computer has got infected by malware and as long as it stays into the System, it can create many troubles to it. It is a Korean based web page originated in 2006. It is presented as a reliable search engine but the actions performed by it shows that it is a nasty malware. It is a browser hijacker made by cyber offenders with the purpose to gain Online profit. It attacks your computer and changes its browser settings and default homepage. Its features are very harmful for PC as well as for users’ privacy. looks a legitimate site that contains shortcut to access site quickly but don’t trust on it. The results provided by this search engine are not related to your queries and often it redirects you to unknown sites. Once this program gets installed, it displays numerous ads and pop-ups on your webpage which will also deflect you to its allied web pages. makes revenue by pay per click strategy, each click of users on these ads and sponsored link shown on this page, make money for its developers. This hijacker traces your surfing activities and gathers your private information like Bank account details and other financial data and sends them to its partner site that can use those stuffs for illegal purpose. Cyber criminals use several illusive methods to allot this threat in order to accomplish their target. This malware has capability to disable your anti-virus program that allows other malicious viruses to get into your computer without your consent. takes additional processing power, highly consumes more and more CPU usage and degrades the entire System performance and Internet speed. Every tasks will take longer time to be performed as loading any web pages. is often injected inside the PC by freeware or shareware programs. While installing a free program, several other infectious applications attached with it also get installed without users’ knowledge. So it is important to be careful when you add any new Software to the computer. Read all the terms and conditions carefully and always choose custom option while installing software where you can manually select which program you want to install and deselect the additional components which comes hidden in the main application.  Only way to get rid of this malware it to delete this completely from PC. Follow the instruction given here that will guide you how to remove this infection effectively from computer.



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