Short description on is another browser hijacker that obtains silent penetration to the computer without being noticed by the users and contributes tons of malicious deeds in it. It has been developed by a group of cyber offenders with the sole intention to generate traffic for sponsored websites and make revenues for the developers from rookie PC user. Upon being successfully installed, first of all it hijacks all the pre-installed browsers and takes complete control over your browsing activities. You might be surprised after finding that your default browser’s settings such as homepage, new tab page and search engine have been replaced with without your approval. After that you will notice your PC has started functioning weird and strangely. It delivers a number of advertisements on the screen in various forms such as deals, discount, coupons, banners, savings, pop-ups, etc. all the time and makes your online browsing very complex and problematic.

Moreover, this browser hijacker installs several ‘helper objects’ to the browsers so that the users could not revert the changes made by it initially. It drops vicious codes in the registry editor and makes important system settings in order to activate itself automatically each time the window is rebooted. It degrades the entire system performance by eating up huge memory space and increasing the usage of CPU. Many important applications such as MS Office, command prompt, task manager etc. stop functioning properly. This nasty hijacker blocks windows firewalls and disables the security programs running inside, as a result malware, virus and other online threats penetrate to the computer easily without your consent. monitors your browsing activities in order to gather your credential and sensitive data and sends them to crooks, who misuse those stuffs for commercial purposes. To avoid your private data from being stolen and to keep the PC away from threats, you must illuminate this hazardous infection from computer without wasting any time.

Downloading freeware and shareware, opening spam email attachments, playing online games, watching porn or other unsafe videos, sharing peer to peer network, transferring data from infected USB drives, using corrupt CDs etc. are the prime reason behind the infiltration of this browser hijacker to the computer, so be careful while getting in touch with these malicious sources. The longer this infection remains inside, it keeps ruining the system badly, so don’t waste any time and delete quickly with the help of removal guide given below.



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