Easy guide to delete .911 extension virus

.911 extension virus is a malicious computer infection that comes under the category of Ransomware. This type of virus is generally infects your system and its files. It has been developed by the team of remote hacker with the sole motive to makes huge money by phishing innocent users. This virus is mostly invade Windows based Operating System like as Windows XP, Windows7, Windows8 and the most latest version Windows10. It comes into the PC with secret mode and starts to do lots of malicious activities. Once infiltrated, it firstly scan entire PC and then starts to encrypt all useful files like as Word, Excel, Power-point, Images, Pictures and others. Just after successfully encrypted all useful file .911 extension virus will demand ransom money by the sending threat full message in the form of html or text on your computer screen that says your System files has been encrypted due to your noxious activities. If you want to restore all useful files then you must to send money about 500 $ as a bit coin within 48 hrs. if you don’t pay money on time then your data will be delete permanently forever.

How .911 extension virus get inside into your PC:

.911 extension virus is a vicious computer system which gets inside into your PC with the help of spam mails, using java script, malicious codes, bundling of freeware program and others.

Malicious Doing cause by .911 extension virus:

.911 extension virus is a very harmful virus that starts to do lots of malicious activities. Some of the most common activities are given below:

  • It has the capability to lock your desktop screen.
  • It interrupts your working with installed application and program.
  • It continuously shows you fake error message and notification.
  • It freezes your PC and locked your System.
  • It slowdown overall performance of the PC.

 How To remove .911 extension virus and recover files:

According to the researcher paying amount to cyber criminals is not a good idea. It is only a trap to making fool innocent users for making money online. So users are highly advised to restore all useful files victim must need to remove .911 extension virus firstly. Just after that you can easily recover all useful files by the using legitimate recovery tool.


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