Know How to uninstall [email protected]__.bak Virus permanently

[email protected]__.bak Virus is a ransomware infection that secretly gets inside the marked PC and encrypts the important files and data stored in it. Like any crypto-locker malware, it uses a powerful encryption cipher algorithm and it cannot be accessed unless you use the decryption key.
The cyber-criminals behind [email protected]__.bak Virus have only one aim that is to cheat the targeted victims financially. This ransomware works on public encryption and private decryption methodology. The encryption system used is powerful combination of AES and RSA encryption algorithm. Once this malware settles down in the PC, it does a quick scanning of system hard-disk in order to search the files that can be encrypted. With the help of public encryption method, the targeted files are locked. They can only be accessed with the help of private decryption key that is kept in the remote server.

When you try to access the locked file, a ransom note appears on the screen. This ransom note contains a lot of content but its main aim is to convince you to pay the ransom money in exchange of decryption key. In order to convince you, it agrees to decrypt one or two files for free. Most of the encrypted files are those which are used on regular basis. They could be multimedia files such as audios, videos, important documents, MS Office docs, PDF files and so on. On every encrypted files, .prontos extension name gets added as prefix. It works like a trap and you will be encouraged to pay ransom money which goes in vain.
According to cyber-experts, paying the ransom money is not the solution to get your files back. This is a spam because the cyber-criminals will not provide any ransom money even after they receive the money. Rather, as long as [email protected]__.bak Virus is present in your work-station, it will continue other files and programs. so, more than paying the ransom money, you should try to remove [email protected]__.bak Virus from your work-station. For that, it is recommended to scan the PC with a powerful anti-malware tool.

How to Recover Encrypted files?

Until now, the cyber-experts have not been able to develop the free decryption key. It is true that without the original decryption key, the access to locked files is impossible. But still you have few options to recover the locked files. The easiest way is to use the backup files which you have created in some external storage device. The other possible ways are using a “Shadow Volume Copies” that is a temporary backup files created by the OS or use a third-party data recovery tool.

Before using any of these data recovery methods, it is important that all the scripts and files associated with [email protected]__.bak Virus is completely removed from the work-station.

Some Precautionary Methods to Avoid Ransomware Attack:

• Be careful during the Online browsing session and don’t click on random links and pop-ups
• Avoid visiting unsafe websites especially those related to pornography, Online dating, gambling etc.
• Be careful while downloading any program in the PC. Always choose advance or custom installation method. Uncheck all the preselected programs and services
• Don’t allow third-party program to make some major changes in the PC settings especially in the registries and browser setting s
• Upgrade the PC security settings by using a powerful anti-malware tool that has strong scanning algorithm and programming logics

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