Delete _HOWDO_text.html successfully from PC

If you see _HOWDO_text.html on your PC screen, then you are clarified that your computer has got infected by a deadly Ransomware – ODIN virus that infiltrates the System and encrypts your files and data. It gets inside the computer with the help of Trojans kits or spam. Once this virus enters the PC, it scans the entire System for various file extensions, and then encrypts the files with a sophisticated cipher after detecting those extensions. Then its creators blackmail users and demand them to pay ransom money to get the files reopened. _HOWDO_text.html replaces the desktop background with other image in which you are informed about the circumstance and provided the data recovery instruction. You are demanded to transfer $500 USD to $1000 USD to an unidentified BitCoin account. It constantly displays warning alerts and asks to pay the ransom quickly otherwise the file decryption code kept on their server will be deleted. As a result, you won’t be able to access the encrypted files again, and PC will face more threats.

_HOWDO_text.html won’t leave any option to you other than giving the money. Many users have paid the ransom before to fix the issue but they didn’t get their files reopened. So you are advised to not pay them, they will be disappeared after taking the ransom and cause you to lose the money. What you need to do is to remove this nasty application completely from computer as early as possible. The longer it stays inside the System it keep messing up the files and damaging the PC rapidly. Besides encrypting the files, it drops its malicious codes inside the System and causes many most commonly used functions like MS OFFICE, command Prompt, video players, audio players, games etc. unable to work appropriately. _HOWDO_text.html adds many unwanted ads, plug-ins, tools, extensions etc. on your web browser and slows down the internet speed as well as degrades the entire System performance.

Penetration of _HOWDO_text.html and removal guide:

_HOWDO_text.html files appear on your desktop screen when the computer is infected with ODIN virus. This virus enters the System through spam email attachments, bundled with other freeware and visiting unsafe websites and opening suspicious links. Be careful while installing an application chose custom option and deselect the other components that are hidden with the main program. To avoids all these threats it is important to remove this infection completely from computer. Follow the effective removal guide below.



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