Steps to delete _WHAT_is.html (.shit extension)

The given information on this page will allow you to get rid of issues related with _WHAT_is.html (.shit extension) virus. Reading below given post carefully, you will be able to gather complete information about this ransomware infection and its removal procedure.

Actually, _WHAT_is.html (.shit extension) is file encrypting virus that comes under category of precarious ransomware. It has been developed by group of cyber hackers with their evil intention and wrong motives. This nasty threat is a part of Locky file extension virus that has caused lots of destruction in several countries in recent days. Dealing with this malware is really a challenging task due to its capabilities to opt legitimate file and extension names. Similar to Locky ransomware, it also makes use of RSA-2048 and AES-128 encryption technique to encrypt all stored documents and makes it inaccessible. As _WHAT_is.html (.shit extension)  get active, it start scanning your PC and encrypting all stored files with extension such as .docx, .xls, .png, .gif, .ppt, .pst, .pdf, .mp3, .mp4 and others. Due to encryption of files, you are not able to open any of your documents. Whenever you try accessing, it displays ransom note on your computer screen and ask for decryption key to unlock these files.

_WHAT_is.html (.shit extension) virus also shows warning messages and alerts claiming to take legal action against you for violating laws. It claims to have your involvement in distribution of copyrighted or pornographic content online. The only method it suggest to have decryption key is by paying amount of $500 or more in next 96 hours. If you will deny paying money under given time duration, it deletes all your vital information. According to cyber researchers, it has no guarantee that you will be able to get back encrypted files after paying money. In such critical condition making use of backup is only solution to get back your vital data. To remove _WHAT_is.html (.shit extension) threat from Windows PC opting automatic method is best solution you can go through. If this malware remain on your PC for long time, it leads situation to bigger troubles like data loss, deletion of important system files, crashes or freezes of computer and many more.

Methods used by_WHAT_is.html (.shit extension) to infect Windows PC

  • Through spam attachments of emails coming from unknown source
  • Downloading stuffs like software, movies, games, video and other files from unsafe links
  • Making use of infected storage device
  • Downloading software without opting custom or advance installation option

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