About a.yesadsrv.com pop-up

a.yesadsrv.com pop-up is a shady website and is categorized as potentially unwanted program. It acts as a browser-hijacker and illegally modifies the settings of browser in order to redirect users over unsafe sponsored websites. Interestingly, its homepage doesn’t even have the privacy policy or EULA page. So, it is an unreliable website and there is legitimateness in its offers and services.

a.yesadsrv.com pop-up generally occurs when you download freeware through “Quick Settings”. After settling down, it immediately modifies the browser settings and changes the default homepage, new-tab URL, search-engine provider and so on. The user behaviors are controlled and they are manipulated to click on the commercial pop-ups and links. Its developer generates revenue as fund for executing webpage redirections. It doesn’t cares about the credibility of sponsored partners or redirected webpage. There is high possibility that you become a victim survey scam or some kind of bogus technical scams. a.yesadsrv.com pop-up doesn’t provide “privacy policy” page hence there is no confirmation regarding what kind of data it access and stores.

Explanation on Silent Installation of a.yesadsrv.com pop-up

Bundling technique is used to spread a.yesadsrv.com pop-up infection. The associated software package contains its payloads as an additional component. If you select standard/quick installation option then the additional attachments are not revealed and you give an indirect permission to install such files. So, it is strongly recommended to choose advance/custom process so that additional files could be unselected.


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