Short Description on has been identified as a redirect virus which tends to sneak into any Windows PCs without user’s approval and pose severe threats onto the machine. It first gets silent intrusion in your device and then replaces the default browser’s settings such as home page, new tab page and search engine with itself. After that, it begins interrupting your web sessions with annoying ads and frequent redirects all the time. This browser hijacker modifies your search results and provides inorganic outcomes that have no relation with your queries. Your search results are mixed with commercial contents which include suspicious links and lead you to unknown and questioning web pages upon being clicked.

The sole motive of the hackers behind developing is to boost traffic for their partners’ websites and make Online revenues from novice users. It bombards your computer screen with thousands of annoying ads all over the day which makes your web sessions very difficult. It installs various suspicious toolbars, extensions, plug-ins etc. on the browser which work as spyware and record all the keystrokes. This notorious malware gathers important information relating to your preferences which is later on used by its authors for the advertisements campaign. Additionally, the collected data may also include your personal stuffs like user ids, passwords, credit card number, bank account and other financial details. And hence, it puts your privacy at high risk and may lead you to be a victim of cyber-crime or online scam. Infiltration Techniques

This nasty hijacker program uses various deceptive methods to get inside the targeted machine. Some of them are as follows:

  • Downloading freeware programs from unverified sources
  • Watching adult videos or playing Online games
  • Sharing peer to peer network
  • Using torrent files or pirated software
  • Opening spam email attachments

So stay away from these vicious sources to keep the PC safe and secured. Pay huge attention while installing a cost free application. Read the terms and conditions carefully and always choose ‘Custom’ or ‘Advanced’ option instead of the ‘Default’ one. Here you can deselect the unwanted tools that are hidden with the main software and select only the desired program. Harmful Attributes

We already discussed some negative features of but it capable of much more than that. Due to the presence of this hazardous program, users are likely to experience many other perilous issues such as frequent system crash, hard drive failure, boot errors, application malfunctioning, data loss and many more. It consumes enormous amount of CPU resources and downgrades the overall PC functioning severely. It enables remote hackers to control the system and execute all the evil deeds inside for their personal benefits. This nasty parasite ruins important system files which assure smooth PC functioning and prevents the computer from working normally. Looking at all these threats, you are highly recommended to delete from the work-station immediately.


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