Important facts about act_0515.exe

act_0515.exe is a kind of malware infection comes under Trojan horse category. It often gains silent intrusion in the computer without being noticed by the user and hides itself deep inside the system. Once successfully gets inside, it performs tons of malicious activities in the machine and creates damaging situation for the entire PC. The nasty virus messes up the registry and other significant elements of the host OS. It takes up huge memory space and consumes enormous CPU resources which results in poor system performance and the random PC crashes as well. Another bothersome issue related with act_0515.exe is that it shows fake security alerts claiming that your PC is under severe threat that needs to be fixed instantly. This nasty Trojan suggests buying and installing bogus software presenting it as a useful tool which will take care of all the existing issues. However, you just need to ignore such fake claims, it is just a trick to generate illicit revenues and make you fool into installing vicious program in the computer.

The worst thing about this infection is that it spies on your web activities and gathers important information about your preferences and private details. The collected data is shared with crooks who misuse those stuffs for illegal purposes. You can imagine what will happen if hackers could get access to your credential data such as user ids, passwords, bank account and other financial details. They will not think twice before using those stuffs for commercial purposes. And thus, act_0515.exe can cause a serious identity theft or online robbery. Moreover, the gathered information is also sold to third parties who then try to lure you into buying their products and services of your preferences. Your PC screen is flooded with numerous irritating advertisements in various forms such as deals, discounts, savings, coupons, banners, offers, etc. every time when you are online that completely diminish your online experience.

This nasty malware injects vicious codes in the registry entries in order to gain automatic activation with each window reboot. It blocks windows firewalls and disables the security programs that are running inside; as a result, many other hazardous infections easily penetrate the computer. It is mostly distributed through spam email attachments. And therefore, you are advised to ignore suspicious mails that came from untrustworthy sources. They may contain such kind of viruses which will be dropped inside once you open the infected mail. In case, your PC is already infected with act_0515.exe, you are strongly recommended to delete it immediately from the system.



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