How to Delete Actin Ransomware Permanently

Actin Ransomware belongs to “Phobos” data encrypting ransomware family. Like any other “Phobos” variant, it encrypts the targeted files and makes it totally inaccessible. When you try to access them, a ransom note appears on the screen. On the infected file, you would notice a new extension name that includes the unique ID of the victim and developers email ID with .actin as the last name. For example, if a file named as Actin Ransomware.jpg gets locked, its name will get changed to Actin[1E857D00-1104].[[email protected]].actin. As ransom note, Actin Ransomware creates two different files named as “info.hta” (html file) and a text file named as “info.txt”.

The ransom note is provided to give the basic details regarding the encryption and their main focus is to convince or threat you to make the ransom payment. They claim that the file has been encrypted because there is some security related issue in the PC and now you will be asked to purchase the decryption key. Every victim has to use a separate decryption key and it is stored in a remote server that is owned by cyber-criminals. The price of decryption is not revealed on the ransom note. In general, it directly depends on how fast you contact the cyber-criminals and how quickly you pay the money. The ransom price usually fluctuates in $500 to $1500. The victims are asked to make the payment in Bitcoin cryptocurrency. In order to win the victims trust, they ask to provide five different files (less than 10 MB in total size) that will be decrypted for free and will be sent back to its original location. This is a trick to convince you. This is a spam because you will not get the original decryption key even after making the payment. After receiving the money, the cyber-criminals totally ignore the victims. You will not get any benefit and rather you will be scammed.

How to Recover the Encrypted files:

Unfortunately, the cyber-experts have been able to develop the free decryption tool till now. So, you have to heavily depend on the backup file and that backup file should be in a separate external storage device. Since they use highly advanced cryptography cipher such as AES and RSA hence accessing the encrypted files without the ransom key is not possible. If the ransomware is very advance and has no bugs and flaws then it is impossible to access it manually. If you don’t have backup files then you may try your luck using “Shadow Volume Copies” which is a temperate backup files created by the PC operating system or using a third-party data recovery tool.

Important Note: You can only use the backup file or any other data recovery method after all the file, payloads and malicious scripts related to Actin Ransomware is removed from the PC. Hence it is very important that you first remove the malware from work-station and then begin the data recovery process. Otherwise, the malware will continue encrypting other files and programs and problem will get more chaotic.

How Actin Ransomware Does Gets Inside the PC:

The cyber-criminals have a lot of options and tricks to proliferate this perilous ransomware in the marked PC. Some of the common methods are fake software downloads, cracked software, spam email campaigns, unsafe programs promoted on peer-to-peer file sharing networks and so on. The freeware and shareware programs often contain hidden malicious codes and files with them that get installed along with the main program. Again, you may receive emails that contain scripts and malware payloads with them. Such emails are usually presented as if they are sent by some reputed companies and they contain some very important attached files.

In order to get protection from ransomware, you have to take some basis precautionary measures. You have to be very careful during your Online browsing session. Don’t visit unsafe arbitrary websites. Avoid clicking on links and pop-ups randomly. Always choose advance or custom installation method while downloading any application in the work-station. Upgrade your PC security settings by using a powerful anti-malware tool having strong scanning algorithm and programming logic.

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