Simple and quick steps to delete .Adame files virus and decrypt files

This article provides you complete information about .Adame files virus and also recommend some removal solution to remove it completely from machine. This nasty malware and computer infection belongs to ransomware family which is potentially dangerous for your online activities. So, don’t be panic read the given below article carefully which will help you to recover your important files and data. Now, let’s start discussion about this malware in details.

What is .Adame files virus?

According to experts, it is defined as de encrypting malware which belongs to “Phobos” malware family. It is described as notorious computer threats made by hackers to extort money from novice users. This malware has been designed to infect any Windows based computer and all its versions without your permission. This virus silently enters into your PC when you visit any porn sites, install freeware programs, by opening spam emails attachments and many more ways. Once, it enters it will start performing several unwanted and harmful changes into your computer.

After its successful intrusion, it will encrypt all your personal files by using .Adame file extension and makes it completely inaccessible for user. After encryption, it generates two files namely info.hta which is html file pop ups on the screen and text file which is stored in desktop.

Complete details:

The created files contain short message for user which states that all your files are encrypted and if you want to access them you have to buy decryption key. It will also ask you to transfer huge ransom money through Bitcoin to get decryption tool. The developers also warn user that if you don’t pay money within given time then all your data will be deleted permanently.

Paying money to hackers may not restore your files but it can provide a chance to hackers to collect your banking details. So, you should not pay money to attackers because it does not provide any positive results and you will simply get scammed. Regrettably, there are no tools capable of cracking .Adame files virus encryption and restore files free of cost.

Therefore, if virus is developed perfectly in your PC then manual data recovery process is impossible because ransomware presents strong case for maintaining regular data backups. Be sure that you must store them in a remote server or unplugged storage devices because locally stored data backups will be compromised just like any other regular file. For the above mentioned reasons, we highly recommend user to create multiple data backups and place them in different locations and then you should try to remove .Adame files virus completely and try to recover your files by using any data recovery software.

How to protect system from ransomware infections?

To prevent such critical situations, you must always be careful while browsing internet as well as downloading programs. Always install any kind of applications from official sources or by using direct download links. Lastly, you must be sure that you have installed reputable antivirus suite and keep it enabled and help you to detect and eliminate malware before it creates any damage. So, if your system is already infected by .Adame files virus then we recommend running a scan with spyhunter for Windows that has the ability to eliminate ransomware automatically.

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.Adame files virus is a perilous malware. In order to avoid its removal, it hides its payloads and scripts deep inside the PC. You may try downloading SpyHunter Malware Scanner and check if it detects this malware for you.



Go through the SpyHunter’s EULA, Threat Assessment Criteria, and Privacy Policy. You must  note that only SpyHunter’s scanner is free. If it detects a malware, it will subject to a 48-hour waiting period, one remediation and removal. In order to remove the malware instantly, you have to purchase its full version. (more…)

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