Short description on Addthis_widget.js

Addthis_widget.js has been identified as a perilous Trojan virus made by potent cyber offenders for evil purposes. It intrudes your PC secretly, implements several malicious deeds inside and wreaks havoc onto the machine. First of all, it makes various critical changes in default system’s settings by making vicious entries in registry editors. After that, it manages to activate itself automatically every time the computer is started. However, due to the alteration in critical settings, PC begins working in a very rude way. It often takes more than usual time to perform any task such as starting-up or shutting down the Window, opening any application etc.

Addthis_widget.js deactivates all the security measures inside including Windows Firewalls and anti-virus tools. It opens backdoors for other Online threats and brings more infections in the PC as well that can be even more damaging in form of Ransomware. We all know what will happen if a crypto-virus strikes your system, encrypts all your essential files and data and finally demands a huge amount of ransom money in exchange of the decryption key. Sooner or later, this perilous Trojan may turn your system into a malware hub and leave it for no use. In order to avoid all such threats from being occurred, you must delete this nasty virus from the machine quickly.

The moment this hazardous malware enters the computer, it begins spying on your web activities and collects important information. Later on, it sends those data to its authors who then use those stuffs for advertisements campaign. After that, your computer screen is flooded with endless irritating ads all over the day which makes your web browsing very difficult. Moreover, the gathered data may also include your personal and credential information such as login ids, passwords, credit card number, bank account and other financial details. Therefore, your privacy might be at high risk. Addthis_widget.js may lead you to be a victim of cyber-crime or Online scam.

Freeware downloads, watching adult videos, playing Online games, sharing peer to peer network, using infectious USB drives etc. are prime sources behind its infiltration in the machine. So, avoid getting in touch with these vicious sources to keep the PC harmless and secured. This notorious Trojan eats up huge amount of memory resources and degrades the complete system performance drastically. It prevents many installed applications from working properly. Looking at all these threats, you are highly recommended to delete Addthis_widget.js from the work-station instantly with the help of removal guide given below.


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