Important facts about is a misleading website that intrudes the computer secretly and hijacks all the pre-installed browsers in it. Appearance of this notorious URL on the browser clearly indicates that you are dealing with a malware program that has attacked your PC due to your malicious activities over the web. Judging on its looks and behaviours, it has been categorized as a browser hijacker program that is capable of damaging the machine completely with its evil deeds. Upon getting inside successfully, in the beginning, it acquires complete control over your online activities by re-configuring your default home page, new tab page and search engine with without your approval. Although, it promises to enhance your browsing experience by providing appropriate and fast search results, nevertheless, despite of all the claims and promises, it doesn’t give any sort of advantage to the users. Instead, contributes tons of malicious deeds inside and creates disaster in the machine.

Results provided by this fake search tool often redirect you to unknown web pages where a number of sponsored products are displayed. Its aim is to promote third party products and sites and generate online revenues for the developers. This hijacker program has nothing to do with your PC’s security, it only cares about making money somehow, and hence it also leads you to harmful web portals that are controlled by cyber offenders. Here you are forced to buy and install bogus software that is presented as a useful tool for the PC, but once it gets installed, it does nothing but harming the machine severely with its cruel behaviours. tracks your web activities and gathers important information about your interests and needs. You have no idea that your online actions such as pages viewed, links opened, search queries etc. all are being monitored continuously. The collected data is sent to its developers who use them for advertisements campaign.

Additionally, the gathered information may include your private data relating to bank account details and therefore, it is very risky for your privacy too. There are some deceptive ways through which this nasty malware enters the computer but the most common one is software bundling method. And hence, you should pay huge attention while installing a program that you have downloaded from untrustworthy site. Read the terms and conditions carefully and always chose custom or advanced option where you can manually deselect the unwanted tools that are hidden with the main software. To avoid all the threats caused by, you must illuminate it instantly from PC.


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