Know about “Application.exe Has Stopped Working”

“Application.exe Has Stopped Working” is a pop-up which states that an essential application has been crashed and in order to avoid any dilemma, you need to fix it immediately. Such annoying pop-ups usually appear when you visit some malevolent sites intentionally or unintentionally. At most of the occasions, you are redirected on such nasty web portals by the malware program that is installed currently inside the compromised machine. It often gains silent intrusion in the computer without any prior notification and conducts a series of evil deeds inside. Vicious cyber criminals specially design such kinds of potentially unwanted programs in order to scam novice users and then generate illegal money from them.

“Application.exe Has Stopped Working” virus first tries to scare you by showing these threatening messages and provides a download link. Then it suggests clicking on the link and downloading the application. However, we highly advise to ignore these fake notifications and avoid installing any suspicious program. Remember, this is just a scam to make you fool into installing bogus software so that the hackers could take control over the PC. It allows the hackers to access the device remotely and implement all the evil deeds inside for their personal benefits. They can steal all your personal and confidential data such as bank account details, user ids, passwords, credit card number and other financial info and use those stuffs for wrong purposes.

This notorious adware doesn’t only show these fake error messages but also displays tons of annoying commercial contents such as coupons, banners, text-ads, links ads, pop-ups etc. It eat up enormous amount of memory resources and degrades the overall system functioning. It causes the PC to respond slower than ever before. “Application.exe Has Stopped Working” virus deactivates the installed security tools and blocks Windows Firewalls. As a result; other Online infections such as Ransomware, rootkits, Trojans, worms, spyware etc. may easily penetrate the computer and damage it completely.

It usually infiltrates the targeted system through freeware downloads. Many cost free applications don’t reveal their installation list and promote such malicious stuffs secretly. When you install these freeware, the hidden components also manage to enter the machine without your awareness. With this, the cost free programme earns commission for the developers by pay per install scheme. However, you can avoid installing these nasty malware by electing Custom option instead of the standard one. Here you can uncheck the tools that look apprehensive and select only the main software. But, at the moment, you need to delete “Application.exe Has Stopped Working” virus from the work-station immediately.


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